Network Rail National Plant Exhibition 2013 - Report and Photo Gallery

25th July 2013

Network Rail National Plant Exhibition 2013 - Report and Photo Gallery

A selection of machines at the National Plant Exhibition

Network Rail, in association with The Rail Alliance and the rail engineer magazine organised the largest display of on-track plant the country has seen - the National Plant Exhibition at Long Marston.

Dubbed 'The Track Innovation Showcase', we went along to see what was on display. Those familiar with the Long Marston site, an ex-MoD storage depot, will know that there's a huge amount of space and track. This was put to good use by over 200 exhibitors who were demonstrating their vehicles and products.

There were around 175 rail vehicles of all sizes on display, ranging from the smallest road-rail attachment to the largest on-track machine. Amongst those exhibiting were many familiar plant operators and manufacturers, along with some interesting new names...

Over 160yds of track were to be relayed in a live "possession". Several vehicles were involved including Quattro excavators 202, 538, 542 (missing since 2011!), 686 & 699; dozer 234; and a variety of fastclipping machines from different manufacturers - AWI 909118, Pandrol 909142 and Thomson 001046. Several of McCulloch's tracked rail moving/sleeper spacing machines were also in use including TRT17, TRT19, TRT20, FLASS1, FLASS2, HDFLASS1 and HDFLASS2. Colas loco 66850 also had a rake of JNA Falcon wagons, and shunter 01552 had a rake of Autoballasters.

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The AB2000 stand contained Liebherr LRR635 and three new vehicles - Neotec Skyrailer 912056, Rexquote's new Genie Accessrailer with powered rail wheels 912054 and a Rexquote T12 trailer 009073.

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  • Thumbnail ab2000-912056-1
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Pandrol/Rosenqvist had their new CD400 fast clipping machine on display.

  • Thumbnail cd400-2

Quattro had (non-rail) Permaquip Multicar LX11HZF and its associated tram line clearing trolley, refurbished Gator 954 & trailer 016030, Neotec Skyrailer 898 and Komatsu 427. Vermeer ballast undercutter 133 was nearby doing a demonstration.

  • Thumbnail quattro-133-4
  • Thumbnail quattro-954-2

The Army had a small stand with a surprising visitor - the elusive Wickham/Ford/Matisa tamper lorry 08CP05.

  • Thumbnail 08cp05-3

GOS had a selection of new machines and attachments including Network Rail Flash Butt welder 910016, brand new Komatsu PC138US3 for Balfour Beatty 911292 and a Windhoff Ballast Brush.

  • Thumbnail 911292-1

One of McCulloch's unimogs (SF03ASX) was moving a rake of GOS rail-carrying trailers (019037-019042 inclusive). There were also two Philmor Rail Lifters on the back of a road vehicle but we couldn't identify them.

  • Thumbnail mcculloch-sf03asx-1
  • Thumbnail 019038-1

Over to the Rail-Ability/APWebb display and several of their crane/access vehicles were present - the new MAN Crane/MEWP (numbered RL004, not RL003 noted at RailTex), RailBoss with access platform RUMP04, Dieci with crane 949013, JCB Super-Boss truck 949010, and new Caterpillar D4G dozer 914103/TS10.

  • Thumbnail apwebb-rump04-1
  • Thumbnail apwebb-ts10-1
  • Thumbnail rl004-1

QTS had a large and varied selection of vehicles on display including their new Tom Farling Industries/Scania mega crane RRU18, Colmar T10000FS crawler excavator RRE24, Scorpion Unimog S950DWL with ballast brush 000127, Unimog RRU22, Liebherr excavator RRE03, mini Takeuchi TB250 excavator RRE26, Iveco flatbed lorry RRU17 with Permaquip trailer 011706, Mercedes-Benz vactor unit FB03FWX and tracked Rail Robot RROB02.

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  • Thumbnail qts-s950dwl-2
  • Thumbnail qts-rru17-1
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By far one of the most interesting vehicles on display was on the Road Rail Cranes stand. As the name of the company suggests, it is a road-rail crane - a Demag AC40-1 converted by Rexquote.

  • Thumbnail rrc-4

A selection of Bance trolleys and trailers were running up and down a short piece of track including motorised hand cart MHC2-143/05 (909253), battery-powered four-seater 223/09 & trailer 0172/06, and petrol-powered four-seater 212/09 & personnel carrying trailer 0171/06 (018066).

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  • Thumbnail 0172-06-1

Aquarius had several road-rail vehicles and trailers on display. Kawasaki Mule 975114, Ultra-Light Trailer 011709, Landrovers BD59WOJ & VX57LRU, Road-Rail Plant Trailer 071002 and Load-Tray Extension trailer 009070.

  • Thumbnail 975114-011709-1
  • Thumbnail aquarius-071002-1
  • Thumbnail aquarius-bd59woj-1

TRAC's stand contained a wide range of their fleet including Scoprion Unimog S949DWL, Bremach personnel carrier 979001, Valtra 2 tractor, Unimog SV110, Neotec Elan MEWP SV137, Mercedes-Benz Actros lorry NK05VRE, Rexquote Megarailer 940732, Foden lorry R909LJF, Thwaites TD12 943055, Svabo trailer 011067 and the Permaquip Long Rail Trailer system "975123-4".

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Several vehicles were on display on TXM Plant's stand. Komatsu D37EX dozer 914043, Thwaites dumper/personnel carrier 943001, Komatsu PW150 940282, Liebherr 940713 and trailers 010158 & 011093 (both recently refurbished at Railcare, Wolverton).

  • Thumbnail txm-5018-1
  • Thumbnail txm-4490-1
  • Thumbnail txm-943001-1
  • Thumbnail txm-7010-1

Geismar were showing off their impressive new PTH900VV track relaying gantries along with Network Rail's recently refurbished BRAD off-trackable tamper, LFT4113 sleeper adjuster and MRT2SR sleeper changer.

  • Thumbnail geismar-pth900vv-1
  • Thumbnail 908002-1
  • Thumbnail 906004-1
  • Thumbnail 906008-1

Network Rail's Innovation display included several new vehicles - Geismar MAN TGM lorry/MEWP, a GOS/Mitsubishi Fuso Canter lorry and an LH/Iveco van with Welders body.

  • Thumbnail geismar-917030-1
  • Thumbnail networkrail-976087-1
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Keltbray had a lot piling and electrification vehicles on display. Komatsu PC228US 941005 and Case 988P Superailer 940486 were showing various piling/drilling attachments. MEWPs/modular vehicles present were 919068, 917018, 919055 and 919005. The Manitou Telehandler E1355 and recently refurbished JCB JZ140 excavator E1319 completed Keltbray's display.

  • Thumbnail keltbray-941005-1
  • Thumbnail keltbray-919005-1
  • Thumbnail keltbray-e1319-2

A new trailer was launched by a familiar name in the industry. Traditionally known for refurbishments & maintenance, Fitzgerald Plant Services unveiled their lightweight 5m trailer with 25T capacity.

  • Thumbnail fps-trailer-1

Two unusual vehicles from Europe made an appearance. Goldschmidt Thermit Railservice were showing their VMeili road-rail thermit welding vehicle. Dutch company R.EN.S (Rail Engineering Systems) had their "tRENSformer" multi-purpose trailer on display. This is capable of changing shape depending on what it needs to carry.

  • Thumbnail gtr-ela2220-1
  • Thumbnail trensformer-1

Promax Access were demonstrating their new Platform Basket RR14 EVO2 with Hydrostatic Drive. This differs from the previous "EVO" versions which were driven by the road wheels - this one is driven by its rail wheels.

  • Thumbnail spl-912055-1

King Rail had a newly refurbished Komatsu PW160 Megarailer and brand new Liebherr A900ZW for Story Rail.

  • Thumbnail 940763-1

The Balfour Beatty stand contained several machines including new Unimog shunter 977026, Rexquote Komatsu PC138US8 911278, GOS Doosan Ultimate 270 XED7015, New Holland front-face shovel 911036 and GOS Ballast Topping trailer 009065. On a stretch of track were the last pair of Donelli PD350 track-relaying gantries in the UK - 78416 and 78417. Twin jib crane 78221, Plasser tamper 73927 and Kirow 81611 were nearby.

  • Thumbnail bb-977026-1
  • Thumbnail 78417-78416-2
  • Thumbnail bb-911036-1
  • Thumbnail bb-009065-1

The same stretch of track contained several of SB Rail's large machines - Plasser tamper 73934, "Sprinter" tamper 73916 and track-finishing machine 77001.

  • Thumbnail 73934-4
  • Thumbnail 77001-5
  • Thumbnail 73916-4

Bridgway Railcare's RA7 vacuum machine 99709515001-4 was demonstrating its capabilities along with a TXM Komatsu excavator, 5016.

  • Thumbnail txm-5016-3

More large machines were on display on AmeyColas / Colas Rail's stand including high output Plasser tamper 73115, twin jib cranes 78226 & 78235, Kirow crane 81612 lifting/rerailing a tanker wagon, and some medium output ballast wagons completed the line-up. PEMS & LEMS 903009, 903014, 909203 & 909212 were also in action.

  • Thumbnail 78226-4
  • Thumbnail 81612-8
  • Thumbnail 92280-1

Two new road-rail lorries were on SRS's stand - flatbed lorry 917084 (X5RSX) and access platform 917086 (UK08SRS), the latter being developed in conjunction with Chinese firm Sifang.

  • Thumbnail uk08srs-2
  • Thumbnail x5rsx-1

Another area contained even more RRVs. Avondale had two of their Unimogs on display - Y817WER and Y818WER. Capel had a Ford Tractor 975070 and their new log-carrying road-rail trailer. TXM Plant's Kobelco 5474 was demonstrating some attachments and Stobart's Neotec Skyrailer W170 completed the collection.

  • Thumbnail 975070-1

Finally, Sersa's Multicar GRail 1 grinding unit was on display, designed to be used on tramways and light-rail systems.

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A very interesting day, thanks must go out to everyone involved in organising this spectacular exhibition.



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