Network Rail Selling Grinder, Geismar MPV and Geismar Mini Trolley

22nd December 2017

Network Rail Selling Grinder, Geismar MPV and Geismar Mini Trolley

Geismar VMT at Eastleigh in 2009 (photo: I Parish)

Network Rail are currently in the process of disposing three redundant assets - a Schweerbau/Loram Rail Grinder, a Geismar VMT PL/UM unit and a Geismar Mini 4x4 Motorised Trolley.

All bids need to be in by 16:00 on Wednesday January 3rd. If anyone is interested in bidding, then please get in touch and I'll forward on the relevent details (no dreamers - these are massive machines and will probably cost a lot!).

Geismar VMT PL/UM - 98305 & 98306

This unit is currently located at Arlington's works in Eastleigh.

Vehicle is a 2 car TRAMM type vehicle, dual cab, flatbed with crane. To be sold as seen and where lying. Currently located at Arlington Fleet Services premises in Eastleigh - NB this is an operational railway depot. Interested parties should satisfy themselves in respect of road access as it is restricted by a weight limited bridge and with limited side / throw clearance. It is expected that removal will require specialist haulage equipment and trailer. The vehicle is in scrap condition and is not certified to be moved on the national railway network. Rolling Stock Engineers' view is that is not fit for recertification without significant levels of investment. It may be of interest to a heritage organisation with funds/time to recommission the vehicle.

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Schweerbau (UK) SPML15 Rail Grinder - 79200

This machine is currently located at Colas' Rugby OTPD...

One rail grinding train. Life expired and with key spares and parts removed, no longer repairable (parts availability and condition) or certified to transit on the national network. Not suitable to be sold for further use in the UK as we consider this would be unsafe, particualry with operators unfamiliar with rail grinding. Consist: 3 cars.

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Geismar Mini 4x4 Motorised Trolley

This one is based at Llanelli, it's not clear if the trailer comes with it. Bids are to be in by 12pm on 5 January.

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  • Barry Anthony Light

    Barry Anthony Light

    Good morning, does any body have any information as to what happened to the MPV that was for sale at Eastleigh works? I noted that the tenders to purchase had to be in by January the 3rd. Kind regards Barry light P way manager Swanage Railway.

  • Andrew Cameron

    Andrew Cameron

    Geismar VMT PL/UM - 98305 & 98306 MPV was sold to Raxstar at Eastleigh. They say that they are open to reasonable offers.

  • Phil Scott

    Phil Scott

    79200 and 79201 have now moved to Long Marston.