On-Track Plant 11th Edition Book

3rd March 2021 - thanks to NPT Publishing for this article

On-Track Plant 11th Edition Book

On-Track Plant 11th Edition
- Roger Butcher/NPT Publishing

The 11th edition of NPT Publishing/Roger Butcher's On-Track Plant book is now out...

On-Track Plant - 11th Edition is the latest in the series of books first published over 35 years ago. It is the definitive guide to rail-mounted and self-propelled equipment specifically used for working on, or assisting in, the maintenance and renewal of the railway infrastructure in Great Britain.

It is a hardback, 360-page, full colour, thread-sewn publication with extensive colour illustrations. Included within it are comprehensive details of:

â–  On-track machines.

â–  Road/rail vehicles.

â–  Small plant.

â–  Owner listings.

â–  Manufacturer details.

How to order

Copies cost £40, which includes postage. You can order your copy securely online exclusively via the Booklaw Publications website here.

You can also order via phone/post - more info available on Booklaw's website.

Sample Pages

Important Notes:

* We are not the publisher/distributor/author of this book!



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  • Departmental Dave avatar

    Departmental Dave

    I have bought similar books by the author over many years and found them to be very informative and helpful and having purchased this one it is no different. Yes it is quite a lot to pay but it contains a lot of information, is laid out well, and has plenty of colour photographs.

    The information at the beginning of each chapter explaining what each type of machine does is useful and a good addition.

    I would recommend this book to everyone using this website.

  • Michael Winter

    Michael Winter

    yes, a top class book and well worth the money. mick of svg....

  • william poleson

    william poleson

    I have also purchased a copy of : On Track Plant, No.11' and cannot fault it.

    The information within, the photos and layout are really well presented.

    It will be extremely useful.