News Roundup - May 2014

4th June 2014

News Roundup - May 2014

TRAC's new Rexquote Accessrailer

A round-up of on-track plant, road-railer and trailer news from May 2014.

Lundy Projects

Lundy have received two new Neotec Skyrailers and two REM 2-wheel trailers.

99709 912079-9 - Skyrailer 160RR

99709 912080-7 - Skyrailer 160RR

Network Rail

More new Windhoff HOPS MPV vehicles arrived during May - 131011, 131014, 131015, & 131018. Wagons 131016 & 131017 also arrrived. All have made their way to High Marnham for testing.

  • Thumbnail 99-70-9131-013-3-1
  • Thumbnail 131014-1
  • Thumbnail 131018-1

131015 is interesting in that it is a powered vehicle and doesn't appear to have a cab.

  • Thumbnail 131015-1

These arrivals leave just five more to be delivered.

Stobart Rail

Stobart have taken delivery of the first of 4 new Doosan Ultimate 270 excavators from GOS. The remainder are due in the coming weeks. A photo can be found on Stobart Rail's twitter feed.

99709 940776-6 - Doosan DX170W Ultimate 270

  • Thumbnail unknown-doosan-1

Total Rail Solutions

Two more new GOS T5020AAS trailers have joined TRS's fleet - TRS332 (010777) and TRS333 (010778). Six more are due after these.

TRAC Engineering Ltd

99709 912075-7 - Genie Z60/34 300 Accessrailer

  • Thumbnail trac-912075-912066-1



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  • Peter Cummings

    Peter Cummings

    Re HOPS MPVs.

    There was a stock move to Calais in the last few days. Could not tell from the pic seen whether just one, or more, were involved.

    May have been in the formation of the aluminium train to Ditton, so possibly through the tunnel already.