News Roundup - April/May 2015

19th May 2015

News Roundup - April/May 2015

New Monster Crane

A round-up of on-track plant, road-railer and trailer news from April/May 2015

Aquarius Railroad Technologies

99709 976093-3 Valerie - Land Rover

Aspin Foundations

Aspin have taken delivery of four new Colmar T10000FS excavators...

99709 940808-7 RRV20 - Colmar T10000FS

99709 940809-5 RRV23 - Colmar T10000FS

99709 940810-3 RRV21 - Colmar T10000FS

99709 940811-1 RRV22 - Colmar T10000FS

  • Thumbnail aspin-rrv19-99709-940807-9-1
  • Thumbnail 940809-5-1

Balfour Beatty Rail Services

99709 911304-2 - GOS Komatsu PC118MR

J Murphy & Sons

Two new Colmar T10000FS excavators have been delivered.

99709 940805-3 P1441

99709 940806-1 P1442

  • Thumbnail murphy-p1441-99709-940805-3-1

Keltbray Electrification

Keltbray are due a new Volvo FM 330HP6x4 FRB25 lorry from SRS, along with two FTR13000 trailers - more details when known

Lundy Projects

Lundy have taken delivery of an Impact Rail converted Sennebogen 643 telescopic crane - 99709 919085-9 - currently working on the GWML.

  • Thumbnail lundy-projects-99709-919085-9-1

Along with this, a new Colmar T10000FS is due for delivery - 99709 940813

Network Rail

More new GOS Fuso Canter lorries have been delivered, two of which are the new "box body" variant.

99709 977025-4 - Mitsubishi Fuso Canter lorry with crane

99709 978010-5 - Mitsubishi Fuso Canter with box body

99709 978011-5 - Mitsubishi Fuso Canter with box body

  • Thumbnail network-rail-ce64nsn-99709-977025-4-1
  • Thumbnail network-rail-978010-1


99709 912102-9 PTL1058 - Platform Basket RR14 EVO

99709 912103-7 - Platform Basket RR14 EVO2

  • Thumbnail 912102-1
  • Thumbnail pod-trax-912103-1

Rail OP Plant Hire

A new name in the plant-hire industry, Rail OP Plant Hire, have taken delivery of two Rexquote Accessrailers.

99709 912155-7 - Genie Z60/34 300 Accessrailer 300

99709 912156-5 - Genie Z60/34 Accessrailer 300


The fourth Swedish Railvac machine (99 70 9515 004-8) has arrived in the country, recently noted at The Midland Railway line undergoing tests...

  • Thumbnail 99-70-9515-004-8-1
  • Thumbnail 99-70-9515-004-8-2

Readypower Engineering

99709 912145-8 FR1377 - Manitou ART17T Access Platform

Total Rail Solutions (TRS)

TRS have received six new RRVs since the last update - four MEWPs from Promax and two GOS long-reach excavators.

99709 912138-3 TRS911 - Platform Basket RR14 EVO2-400

99709 912139-1 TRS912 - Platform Basket RR14 EVO2-400

99709 912140-9 TRS913 - Platform Basket RR14 EVO2-400

99709 912141-7 TRS914 - Platform Basket RR14 EVO2-400

99709 940793-1 TRS1018 - Doosan DX170W Ultimate 270

99709 940794-9 TRS1019 - Doosan DX170W Ultimate 270

  • Thumbnail trs-trs911-99709-912138-3-1
  • Thumbnail 912141-1
  • Thumbnail trs-trs1018-99709-940793-1-1
  • Thumbnail trs-99709-940794-9-1

TRAC Engineering Ltd

TRAC have acquired the ex-Potter Group Unimog U1000 shunter, now numbered SV210.

  • Thumbnail trac-083216-2a
  • Thumbnail trac-083216-2

TXM Plant

Four Philmor Monster Bugs are undergoing conversion to "Monster Cranes", being fitted with new Palfinger cranes. Two are now complete, with two more just started.

99709 911004-8 5916 - New Holland Kobelco E200 Monster Crane

99709 911005-5 5917 - New Holland Kobelco E200 Monster Crane

  • Thumbnail gos-monster-bug-with-palfinger-crane-1

Several new Skyrailers have also been delivered, along with Neotec Alutrailers

99709 912116-9 7079 - Skyrailer 400RR

99709 912117-7 7080 - Skyrailer 400RR

99709 912118-5 7081 - Skyrailer 400RR

99709 912119-3 7082 - Skyrailer 400RR

  • Thumbnail txm-7079-99709-912116-9-1
  • Thumbnail txm-7080-99709-912117-7-1



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  • Peter Cummings

    Peter Cummings

    A recent issue of Todays Railways (May issue, page 19) had an articlet on some new big kit on order for NR.

    A new ballast cleaner - BC55.


    RM900 HOBC,

    Ballast power wagon,

    Spoil power wagon,

    a Consolidation Machine,

    44 MFS conveyor ballast wagons,


    Two 09-3Z track stabiliser machines,

    One 09-2X track stabiliser machine, 3rd rail compatible,

    One USP5000 regulator,

    One 3rd-rail ballast regulator machine.

    Will be able to operate on 3rd-rail lines with the juice rail in place.

    (sorry if we've covered this previously).

  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    It will be interesting to see what numbers the MFS wagons will get - if they follow on from the current highest, 92476, that'll take them up to 92520 (and into old Jarvis slinger number range!). I imagine they'll just have euro numbers though.

    I think the 3rd rail regulator is a USP6000

  • Tommy Whalley avatar

    Tommy Whalley

    The USP 6000 RT is well underway and alot of components are now manufactured over in Robel GmbH, Freilassing. The 2X will be an amazing asset for the UK Infrastructure and a real benefit behind the ballast cleaning systems.

    A great year I say!

  • HighOutput


    It is hoped that all vehicles will have a DR number in addition to the Euro numbers. The first MFS will be delivered around October, but the OTM's will be mid 2016 delivery.

  • HighOutput


    Ok, so...

    The 36x MFS-D will take consecutive numbers from the System 4 MFS wagons, and the 8x MFS-SB will have a separate batch of numbers rather than being mixed in with the D's

    The 3 tampers will be 73119-121

    And the 2 regulators will be 77909 and 77910.