News Roundup - October 2013

4th November 2013

News Roundup - October 2013

an ex-Hydrex machine leaving Portishead

A round-up of on-track plant, road-railer and trailer news from October 2013.

SB Rail

After it's exclusive unveiling at iAF Munster in May, SBRail's new Plasser & Theurer Unimat 09-4x4/4S Tamper has now finally arrived in the country. Interestingly this machine has not been allocated a CEPS DR-prefixed number. Instead it carries the 12-digit RIV number 99-70-9128-001-3. The build number is #3543 of 2013.

Brecknell Willis

Brecknell Willis' Genie and Mecalac MEWPs have been broken up at a farm in Devon.

Network Rail

Several KFA wagons were delivered at the end of the month for weedkilling/leaf-spraying duties. Numbered in the 99 70 9310 xxx-x series, they are thought to be ex-Avon Binliner wagons.

  • Thumbnail 310005-1
  • Thumbnail 310006-1


A new trailer has been noted at Rexquote's in factory Somerset - numbered 010728-2, further details are not yet known.

SPL Powerlines

SPL Powerlines have taken delivery of another new hydrostatic-drive Platform Basket EVO2 access platform from Promax Access (912062).

  • Thumbnail 022-912062-1


Two "new" (old) Volvos were delivered to SRS during the month from various operators in Sweden - C28OVX (ex Banverket Produktion) and "MWR648".

  • Thumbnail mwr648-1
  • Thumbnail mul083-1


TRAC have a new road-rail trailer built by Chieftain - SV173 / 079049-1.

TXM Plant

TXM continue to clear out the machines stored at their old yard in Portishead. Several Case excavators and two dumpersleft at the end of the month. This clearout is ahead of the opening of a new depot/training facility in South Wales. The excavators went to Rexquote and the dumpers to Cwmbran.

  • Thumbnail hydrex-3707-940233-1
  • Thumbnail hydrex-4187-940228-1

GWML Electrification

Recently refurbished Windhoff MPVs 98001, 98006 and 98007 have arrived at Swindon HOOB for further modifications. 98001 will have it's piling rig removed and replaced with a traincrew facility. 98006 & 98007 will be fitted with winch/HIABs. When these modifications are complete, they'll start working between Reading & Didcot on new OHL masts. 73912 has also moved to the HOOB to be used as a shunter.

Also delivered at the end of the month (well, sneaking into the start of November) were five new Windhoff OHL MPVs. These are due to move to the Network Rail RIDC at High Marnham for testing, and then on to Swindon HOOB in the new year.



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