News Roundup - September 2013

3rd October 2013

News Roundup - September 2013

DRC78229 leaving Rugby (photo: Ben Williams)

A round-up of on-track plant, road-railer and trailer news from September 2013.


DR73911, stored at West Ealing for many years moved to RTS Infrastructure's depot at Leeds Holbeck for refurbishment. RTS may be an unfamiliar name to many, but they have been involved with many projects over the last few years including the repainting of Network Rail's stored Windhoff OHL MPVs and SBRail's fleet of machines.

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A name not mentioned in the news for quite a while is Fastline. At the end of September the long-stored off-lease Slinger/Rail Recovery wagons were moved from Donington Railfreight Terminal in Shropshire to Booths for scrapping. Hauled by a class 56, wagons involved were

92503, 92508, 92511, 92516, 92521, 92522, 92523, 92524, 92533,92534, 92535, 92536, 92539, 92541 & 92544

At least seven left by road in July without bogies - 92537, 92538, 92540, 92542, 92543, 92545 & 92546

This leaves several unaccounted for - they have possibly left for scrapping too, but when is unknown - 92502, 92507, 92509, 92510, 92512, 92515, 92517, 92518 & 92519 - confirmation of this would be appreciated.

Network Rail / ex Fastline

Three of Network Rail's twin jib cranes are being given a new lease of life. ex-Fastline 78229 (from Doncaster) and 78231 & 78234 (York) moved to Colas' depot at Rugby for assessment/preparation. They then moved to the Pullman Rail works at Cardiff Canton for refurbishment.

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L&W Contractors

L&W have acquired at least three machines from Shovlin - dozer 914011 and Case Crawlerailers 911235 & 911236.

SPL Powerlines

SPL Powerlines have taken delivery of more new hydrostatic-drive Platform Basket EVO2 access platforms from Promax Access (912059, 912060 and 912061). One of SPL's SRS Volvo lorries has also arrived from Norway.

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TRAC have acquired a new Renault 6x4 lorry fitted with MEWP and crane from Neotec of France.



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  • RRV Cowboy

    RRV Cowboy

    L&W purchased the 3 shovlin RRVS to cover recent and future track renewal work taken place by network rail (not balfour beatty) on the wessex delivery unit