On-Track Machine and Road-Railer Roundup - April 2019

1st May 2019

On-Track Machine and Road-Railer Roundup - April 2019

New Linsinger Milling Unit (photo: Crossrail/Linsinger/GBRf)

A round-up of on-track machine and road-railer deliveries during April 2019.

As always, thanks to everyone who has contributed information for this article. If you think that something is missing, or your company has any updates/details of new deliveries for our next article then please post in the forum or email us privately with details. You can also upload photos here. Thanks!

Crossrail Elizabeth Line

Crossrail's new Linsinger MG31 milling unit arrived at the end of March via Immingham Docks, and subsequently moved to Plumstead for commissioning. GBRailfreight will be operating this machine (and the Plasser/Robel units) for the next five years.

The new Plasser/Robel units were also delivered to Plumstead in the middle of April, having been at West Ealing since July 2018.

  • Thumbnail dr79101-2

99 70 9127 006-3 / 79101 - Linsinger MG31-UK Milling Unit.

Coombes UK

Coombes UK have taken delivery of two Liebherr A924 excavators (supplied by Allan J Hargreaves), and four trailers are to follow soon for use on their new CP6 contracts in the South-East.

  • Thumbnail coombes-uk-940882-940885-1

99709 940882-2 - Liebherr A924 rail.

99709 940885-5 - Liebherr A924 rail.

Network Rail

Network Rail (Scotland) have also taken delivery of a new Kubota buggy from Permaquip, and four new Ford R2R Ranger vehicles from Aquarius.

  • Thumbnail network-rail-99709-975129-6-1
  • Thumbnail 976098-976101-1

99709 975129-6 - Permaquip/Kubota RTVX900.

99709 976098-2 / YG68KHR - Aquarius/Ford R2R Ranger.

99709 976099-0 / YG68KHP - Aquarius/Ford R2R Ranger.

99709 976100-6 / YG68KHU - Aquarius/Ford R2R Ranger.

99709 976101-4 / YG68KHT - Aquarius/Ford R2R Ranger.

GOS Engineering

GOS have delivered new Doosan Ultimate 270s to Quattro and Total Rail Solutions

  • Thumbnail quattro-qpl-1152-99709-910146-8-1
  • Thumbnail trs-trs1037-99709-910147-6-1

99709 910146-8 / QPL 1152 - GOS/Doosan DX170W-5 Ultimate 270.

99709 910147-6 / TRS1037 - GOS/Doosan DX170W-5 HS Ultimate 270.



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