On-Track Machine and Road-Railer Roundup - July 2016

1st August 2016

On-Track Machine and Road-Railer Roundup - July 2016

The Cab Yard, photo Richard Benyon

A round-up of on-track machine and road-railer deliveries during July 2016.

As always, thanks to everyone who has contributed information for this article. If you or your company has any updates/details of new deliveries for our next article then please leave a comment below, post in the forum or email us privately. You can also upload photos here. Thanks!

New on-track machines

Amey Sersa S&C Alliance North

Some new Plasser wagons have started appearing at Stoke-on-Trent Granville Sidings - the site of the new Network Rail / Amey Sersa S&C North Alliance track renewals depot.

99 85 9552 055-7 - Plasser & Theurer MFS-1+ Wagon with crawler tracks.

  • Thumbnail ch-smg-99-85-9552-055-7-1

99 85 9552 056-5 - Plasser & Theurer MFS-2+ Wagon with crawler tracks.

  • Thumbnail ch-smg-99-9552-056-7-1

99 85 9352 057-5 - Plasser & Theurer UMH-1 materials handling wagon - these three UMH wagons appear to have conveyor extensions and generators.

99 85 9352 058-3 - Plasser & Theurer UMH-2 materials handling wagon.

99 85 9352 059-1 - Plasser & Theurer UMH-3 materials handling wagon.

If you missed it in the comments a few days ago, here is a video from a passing train of the new wagons in the yard. You can see the new UMH wagons at either end of the first rake of (old) MFS wagons.

On-Track Machine Preservation

In the last couple of round-ups, we mentioned that the two Plasser RM74 ballast cleaners were scrapped. This has changed slightly - a cab from of each machine has now been preserved at "The Cab Yard" in South Wales, where they join several other cabs from various locomotives and powered units.

Matisa Neptune trolley DX50002 also joined the cabs, from Locomotion Shildon. The trolley is complete and will be returned to full working order when time allows.

  • Thumbnail dx-50002-1
  • Thumbnail 76318-5

New road-railers

A.P.Webb Plant Hire

99709 911335-6 / RTE016 - Rail-Ability/Atlas 215LCR / RA350RR Heavy Lift.

  • Thumbnail apwebb-rte016-99709-911335-6-1

99709 917028-1 / RL011 - Rail-Ability/MAN TGM with MEWP Module.

Crossrail / ATC (Alstom, TSO & Costain JV)

99709 912215-9 - Neotec/Skyrailer 400RR - RIV Number subject to confirmation, but fills a small gap.

Network Rail

99709 912227-4 - Neotec/Skyrailer 400RR - 008?.

99709 912228-2 / 007 - Neotec/Skyrailer 400RR.

99709 978018-8 / CE64FWN - GOS/Mitsubishi Fuso Canter with box body.

99709 978021-2 / CE64NTA - GOS/Mitsubishi Fuso Canter with box body.

917036 / GN14ZCA - Geismar/MAN TGM with MEWP Module - based in Swindon/GWML area.

Nexus Rail / Tyne & Wear Metro

RIV not yet known/carried - LH/Mercedes-Benz Unimog U423 shunter - this has been undergoing tests at Wirksworth MyTestTrack.com.

  • Thumbnail nexus-unimog-trailer-1

SRS Rail System

RIV not yet known/carried / KP63JGV - CSR Sifang Co Ltd/Volvo ICON 10.

  • Thumbnail kp63jgv-1

RIV not yet known/carried / KP63JGZ - CSR Sifang Co Ltd/Volvo "Titan" flatbed with crane.

  • Thumbnail srs-kp63jgz-1

Story Contracting

99709 940862-4 - Colmar T10000FS.


99709 910085-8 - Rexquote/Komatsu PW160-8 Megarailer.

TXM Plant

99709 940853-3 / 7125 - Colmar T1000FS.

  • Thumbnail 940853-3-txm-7125-1

99709 940854-1 / 7126 - Colmar T1000FS.

  • Thumbnail 940854-1-txm-7126-1

99709 940855-8 / 7127 - Colmar T1000FS.

  • Thumbnail txm-7127-1



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  • Jim Gillies

    Jim Gillies

    TXM Plant

    TXM Newhouse Depot in line for 4 Colmar T1000FSs. 7125 & 6 were on site last week. Informed 3rd one was in "Wigan" , probably 7127 as seen by Paul Mosley there last week.

    4th still to be delivered from Italy.

  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    I may have seen one of the new TXM Colmars at the Langley depot this morning but not 100% certain.