OTPreservation Weekend

6 July 2003

OTPreservation Weekend

As most of you may remember, we organised a weekend where most of you went out trying to find as many vehicle as possible. This was very successful - thank you everyone who took part. We are now planning weekend 2, but with a twist.

Instead of recording vehicles on the mainline, we are going to focus on the various preserved railway centres around the country.

Now, I know this won't throw up as many surprises as the first weekend, because most preserved vehicles are listed on both sites, but it will still be very interesting.

There will also be prizes for the first person(s) to find an unlisted preserved OTP machine and Departmental coach (they must be ex-mainline though).

The weekend this is happening? August Bank Holiday : 23 - 25 August.

We hope that as many of you can support this as possible. It doesn't matter if you go to just one place; or on a preservation marathon - it will all help! It would also make a nice excuse to take the family somewhere interesting over the Bank Holiday weekend.



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