Track Relaying Machines Available From Track Engineering Ltd

22nd October 2018

Track Relaying Machines Available From Track Engineering Ltd

(photo: Track Engineering Ltd)

Two Plasser & Theurer TRMs owned by Track Engineering Ltd are available for Hire, Lease or a Joint Venture or other options with interested parties, whether UK or abroad.

Both machines, DRP 78211 and DRP 78212, have undergone an evaluation and overhaul programme and are available to undergo the VAB Engineering Acceptance process to regain EACs, depending on end use requirements. The original VMI (vehicle maintenance instructions) and Manufacturer's instructions have been followed and a Maintenance Plan created.

The machines were stored, along with other TRMs, for a period after the Jarvis demise. Although much upgrading work had been undertaken by Jarvis and LH Plant prior to storage, Track Engineering Ltd has carried out a comprehensive overhaul programme since acquiring the machines.

Advantages of using TRMs

- Loading/unloading track sections, rail, sleeper In Depot/Yard/Recycling Centres.

- Unloading 60ft track sections, to avoid scrapping rail and rail can be re-used. Loading 30fts at site by RRVs causes scrappage of rail.

- Load 60 ft track sections at site - no rail scrappage.

- ALO compliant and securely effective - by design rather than retro-fit and with human MC/POS supervision

- Able to start work staight away on granting T3 worksite ("TPAT" Rulebook HB 11 4.2) - gains typically over an hour advantage against road derived plant cranes.

- Does not affect new trackbed quality, avoiding RRV scuffing over whacked ballast bed to unload and (badly) position sleepers.

- Avoid men on site in core T3 adjusting sleeper spacing before installing rails.

- Tandem lifts to remove double section - faster, cheaper, retains curved geometry on track section replacement.

- S&C refurbs - sectional removal and replacement leaving POE and back drives in situ.

- Accurate sleeper spacing and squareness - never achieved by RRV beam. Helps TOCs, FCs and future maintenance tamping with duo bank tampers (that are spacing sensitive).

- RAMS Report on TRM fleet was undertaken by NWR in 2016 and this established very favourable results for reliability, availabilty, maintenance and safety.

- Faster to remove track than RRVs and faster to install track.

- Ideal for renewals on shorter midweek night core T3 possession works. Work has been done by NWR on enhancing renewal delivery ("EDT") with a preference to use TRMs more over road derived plant/cranes - leaving RRV excavators to do the job they are designed for : digging spoil and unloading ballast.

- Worked as a pair of TRMs at site (working simultaneously), reliablity and availablity very high and job can always be recovered/closed out in event of downtime of one machine. RRV crane failures often result in machine stuck on and blocking new trackbed work progress.

- Cheaper than RRVs and low loader transport, as the train of spoil wagons and/or materials wagons will be going to site anyway so taking the TRMs is free!

- TRMs properly floodlight the work area, independent of intermittent lineside lights.

- WAH (Working at Height) compliant to load track sections to panel wagons using TRM Auto Bales.

- Can conveys Plant items (eg triple whacker, generators, Dozer, McCullochs, tool vault, etc, etc ) from/to access points using lifting attachments - saving possession time and on/off tracking of trailers, damaging/crushing cables, scuffing rails, possession incidents and having to employ MCs POS (all of whom cost money and are a vulnerable in reliability from labour firms).

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Any enquiry or business proposal is welcome from you - to hire, lease, use, complement your operations, add to your business, joint development or other options. Please contact George Morris at Track Engineering Ltd - Tel 07811 176807 or email

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