RAIL2015 - Report and Photo Gallery

17th September 2015

RAIL2015 - Report and Photo Gallery

ABC Electrification's new wiring train at RAIL2015

Rail Alliance and Rail Media recently held the RAIL2015 exhibition at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre (Long Marston).

With a focus on innovation and ingenuity, the event was targeted at the wider rail industry, rather than the infrastructure-specific events of previous years. As such, there was not a lot of plant on display, but was an interesting nonetheless.

Aquarius, Bance, Capel and TRAC all had items of plant on display. Quattro and QTS were also present, albeit with no rail-vehicles.

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ABC Electrification

The largest item of plant was ABC Electrification's "new" electrification built by SVI SpA of Italy between 2001 and 2008, and recently refurbished. The train consists of seven vehicles...

One APV250 multipurpose vehicle with access platform and pantograph.

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Two RSM9 self-propelled platforms.

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One PT500 rotating platform vehicle.

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Two self-propelled CTF28 wiring vehicles.

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One RT250 "Drasina" vehicle with crane.

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It is interesting to see a company opt for a refurbished train rather than new-build - a lot of time is saved on the procurement & build, meaning the vehicle can be in service much sooner. After acceptance, it will initially work on electrification projects in Scotland.

More photos

More photos and sightings from RAIL2015 can be found here.



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  • Dennis Graham avatar

    Dennis Graham

    I noticed that the RIV number was attached Italian style on the ABC/SVI train with all numbers etc in boxes. New for the UK unless someone knows differently.

  • Alex Betteney avatar

    Alex Betteney

    Geismar had a small powered trailer on their stand - PPT-1 #124. This is a welders trolley with a petrol engine with power and brakes to the rear axle. Whilst being powered, it is intended that staff walk along side it using a control rather than ride on it. I was told it had passed acceptance and there was a lot of interest.

  • Paul Moseley

    Paul Moseley

    This type of Geismar trolley has been used on the Continent for several years,particularly in Germany.

    It will be interesting to see if NR or the likes of Torrent Trackside go for it!