Rail Live 2014 - Report and Photo Gallery

26th June 2014

Rail Live 2014 - Report and Photo Gallery

A new MEWP on display at Rail Live 2014

Network Rail, in association with The Rail Alliance, Rail Media and Macrail organised the largest display of on-track plant the country has seen - the Rail Live 2014 at Long Marston.

Dubbed 'The Largest Outdoor Rail Event in the UK', the event certainly lived up to its name, with over 200 exhibitors and 250 vehicles & machines of various sizes.

With so many electrifcation projects happening and due in the future, it is of no surprise that the focus of this year's event was electrification. To that end, a whole host of machines dedicated to piling, foundations & OHL were on display.

  • Thumbnail 98014-3
  • Thumbnail 912019-2
  • Thumbnail abc-genie-912068-1
  • Thumbnail abc-009102-1
  • Thumbnail kfa-vtg-95385-1
  • Thumbnail keltbray-010673-1
  • Thumbnail keltbray-e1106-940488-1
  • Thumbnail readypower-fr1363-912081-1
  • Thumbnail spl-912063-3-1
  • Thumbnail spl-99749936325-1
  • Thumbnail van-elle-ver002-1
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As well as electrification vehicles, there were numerous other rail vehicles on display...

Adrian Phillips Engineering Ltd

APEL were showing a new Hako Multicar for one of the tram systems and a trailer recently rebuilt for Quattro.

  • Thumbnail apel-010815-1
  • Thumbnail multicar-ys63fmg-1

Colas Rail

Apart from several large and small machines, Colas had some new locomotives on display including their Class 70 and recently named Class 60 "Clic Sargent".

Colas Rail's new class 70

Fitzgerald Plant Services

Fitzgerald unveiled a new modular vehicle, based on an old Mercedes refuse lorry chassis.

  • Thumbnail fitzgerald-mx54vvl-1

Geismar UK

Along with several small machines and attachments, Geismar were demonstrating their VCP2N access platform.

  • Thumbnail geismar-vcp-access-platform-1

Predator Equipment

Predator Equipment are a new name in the UK and were showing off four of their new 5m trailers.

  • Thumbnail predator-010732-1
  • Thumbnail predator-010733-1
  • Thumbnail predator-010734-1
  • Thumbnail predator-010735-1

Rail-Ability & APWebb

Several vehicles were on Rail-Ability & APWebb's stand including a MAN TGM MEWP & crane, Superboss with Rail-Reach access platform, and the impressive RA400 Rail-Max crawler excavator.

  • Thumbnail apwebb-rl004-1
  • Thumbnail rsb007-2
  • Thumbnail apwebb-911296-1

Another interesting new vehicle was the JCB Fastrac tractor fitted with chipping and trimming equipment.

  • Thumbnail network-rail-915001-1
  • Thumbnail network-rail-915001-2


An interesting new vehicle on Rexquote's stand was a Bomag BW213DH roller, designed as an alternative to the traditional "triple wacker plate" machines.

  • Thumbnail rexquote-bomag-roller-919083-1

Stobart Rail

Stobart unveiled their fully-rebuilt TracGopher machine, featuring a "reversed" cab to give operators a better view.

  • Thumbnail stobart-w175-908013-1
  • Thumbnail stobart-rail-w175-1

TXM Plant

Another new MEWP on display was seen on TXM's stand - the Neotec Skyrailer 400RR

  • Thumbnail txm-929275-1

More photos

More photos and sightings from Rail Live 2014 can be found here.



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