Road-Railer News - February 2010

3rd February 2010

This is the second update on Roadrailers and covers the period between October 2009 and February 2010. Once again, thanks to Peter Hall for supplying some information for this report.

Business Changes

BRP (Rugby) went into Administration in November 2009. Whilst the fate of the fleet is unknown, a number of vehicles appear to have been acquired by Gamble Rail, details of which appear on the Gamble Rail list. The depot is apparently now also being used as a Gamble Rail depot.

Hiremee sold the majority of their rail business to Aspin Foundations. Two machines are known to have been retained by Hiremee, these being Mecalacs 52 and 65. It is believed that sisters 35 and 60 also did not pass to Aspin Foundations and it is believed these machines have been sold on, but they remain on the Hiremee list until this can be confirmed. Those machines which have passed to Aspin Foundations retain their Hiremee fleet numbers and are now shown on the Aspin Foundations fleetlist.

A newcomer to the rail scene however is Total Rail Solutions. They are known to have acquired former Gamble Case WX170 E1214 which is renumbered TRS1002. At least 2 trailers are also owned (TRS301 and TRS302) but details of any other equipment owned would be appreciated. The firm's website shows pictures of an AIS RTV900 and an EGO-4 but there is nothing at present to suggest that examples of either type have been acquired permanently.

Fleet Changes

AB2000 – Not a change as such but at least one Colmar T4300FS has been advertised for sale recently on the company's website.

Aspin Foundations – In addition to the former Hiremee machines mentioned above, a pair of former GB Rail Plant Colmar T4300FS’s have been acquired, becoming ASPRRV06 and ASPRRV07.

Balfour Beatty Rail Services – Further new deliveries comprise a pair of GOS converted Doosan DX170W’s, which become XED7014 and XED7015 respectively and a 3rd Rexquote converted E200 face shovel, which carries Euro number 99709 911036 0 but whose fleet number is presently unconfirmed. Meanwhile the derelict remains of Case WX170 XEC2408 (damaged in a collision with a bridge) were finally scrapped on site at Woking in October/November 2009.

BCL – A further machine to materialise with a dealer is PW95 156.

Bradshaw – Has sold the last Liebherr A312 in the fleet, P79 JNB, to the South Devon Railway.

Capel Rail Services – Following some photos that were added to the website recently, it appears that some additional tractors may be owned which are not presently listed. If anyone can confirm the position with this fleet, it would be appreciated.

Colas Rail – Have sold their 5 Volvo lorries, OTP007, OTP008, OTP016, OTP017 and OTP021 to SRS Rail Systems.

D A Bird – Are believed to have sold at least their Case 988P, Case TD12 and 1 of the 2 Benford PT6000’s, which have been advertised for sale by a dealer.

Difuria – In a surprise development, this firm appears to have acquired former Gamble Thwaites dumper E720 which has been parked at Beckingham but which retained full Gamble branding when seen.

Gamble Rail – The situation with this fleet is becoming a little clearer. A number of machines have been seen over the past few months with new “Gamble Rail” branding and indeed it appears that most of the newer machines were sold by the Administrators back to Keltbray Group. Exceptions are dumper E720 which appears to have passed to Difuria and WX170 E1214 which has passed to Total Rail Solutions. Meanwhile E488 is a second Geismar KGT to pass to a dealer for resale.

GB Rail Plant – As mentioned above, Colmars RR01/062 and RR02/062 have both passed to Aspin Foundations as ASPRRV06 and ASPRRV07 respectively.

Harsco Rail – 3 Kubota RTV900s have been added to this list which are either demonstrators or which are awaiting owners at present.

Hydrex – Firstly and predictably, further new Liebherr A900CZW’s have arrived and 31 out of 52 reportedly on order are now on the website. These are allocated to depots around the Country and unlike many Liebherr machines are “hi-rail” models thus enabling their use on lines equipped with 3rd rail equipment.

Perhaps more noteworthy is the receipt of 6928-6931 inclusive which are Neotech Elan OOB Access Platforms. These initially moved to the Chasewater Railway for evaluation but at least 2 were out at work in East London over Christmas.

The Hydrex list has recently been significantly thinned out as a result of information received from a reliable source. Unfortunately, at least 1 machine was omitted from this list which is believed to have been long term defective, but which has now returned to service. A number of other machines whilst not included on the fleet list remain on depots. For the time being these have all been reinstated to the main list, having been initially placed on the “undefined owner” list.

Of the vehicles deleted from the list, a number have been once again advertised for sale by dealers - it is believed on behalf of Liebherr UK. Additions to the list previously posted are 3750 and 3751 (both A900ZW’s), 4743 and 4744 (both 988P’s) and 6206 (788P). In an interesting development, 3 Liebherr A900ZW’s including 2865 and 3751 were sold in October 2009 for export via Avonmouth Docks to Greece!

In addition, a separate dealer is advertising for sale 6216 (D41P) and a number of 2004 built PC128US’s with 4569 the machine pictured. Additionally Mecalac 6339 has been reported with Hiremee in a dealer capacity, available for hire or resale.

J W Plant Services – Many machines have been advertised for sale by a dealer for at least a year. Despite enquiries to the operator suggesting that the whole fleet had been sold, a visit to the former depot in October revealed 6 machines locked in the yard and secured by cones and ropes which were alarmed. It is presumed all other machines have been disposed of.

L & W Contractors – New deliveries are a couple of Rexquote converted Komatsu PW160s twin cab Megarailers, RRV124 and RRV125.

Network Rail – Further to the October 2009 update, further new Kubota RTV900’s identified, or allocations confirmed, are:

975023 – Tulloch.

975077 – Northampton

975078 – Northampton

975086 – Stafford but subsequently moved to Nuneaton

975087 – Stafford

975095 – Carlisle Upperby

975096 – Carlisle Upperby

Meanwhile 975092 originally at Manchester Victoria, Deal Street has now moved to Cowlairs.

The allocations of 975034 and 975035 remain unknown.

Paul John Plant – A number of new machines have been received here. A pair of Komatsu D37PX dozers are 106 and 107 whilst 4 further Komatsu PC138US’s received are RR301-RR304 inclusive.

Philip Shovlin Plant – The 4th New Terex Gigarailer is now identified as 99709 940667 7.

Quattro Plant – Komatsu PC138US 150 has been fire damaged. A number of ex Norex Genie Z45/22s have been advertised for sale by a dealer but actual identities are unknown at present.

QTS Group - Four of their older unimogs are currently listed for sale on the website.

Volker Rail – The 3 Renault Kerax 6x4 Modular Lorries which initially carried foreign registrations have now UK “04” registrations.

Please do let us know if you have any further information on the above, or are aware of any recent developments which are not yet reflected on the site.

John Griffiths / Nick Tompkin



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  • Robin Morel

    Robin Morel

    Crewe based Aspire rail (overhead line) /contractors/ have several ex Network Rail WCRM Alliance volvo FL6 18/Harsco access platforms in use

    X851-858 KOX series

    These appear to have been re engineered (and re numbered?) to take into account that the rear rail wheel is now a single axle rather than double axle.

    These currently in use at Romford and Luton. to name but two locations.

    Cabs also repainted allover yellow vice whit

    x reg being 2000 time flies