Road-Railer News – January 2011

5th January 2011

After a relatively quiet period since the last report, here is the third update for Road Rail equipment.

Fleet Changes

A P Webb - After several years regarded as decommissioned, JCB JS175W 054 has had rail wheels refitted and is therefore back on the company’s list. This machine was originally fitted with friction drive rail wheels and it is unclear if this remains the case or whether more conventional rail drive is now fitted.

Mecalacs MEC001 and MEC002 are being advertised for sale via a Dealer.

A view of the yard in June 2010 revealed a number of O & K machines out of service. 036 is dismantled and parts are scattered around the yard. 042, 043 and 044 whilst intact, are stored in a separate yard next door behind a derelict pub and appear long term out of service.

AB2000 - Have received a pair of Colmar T7000FS’s, the euro numbers of which are 99709 940708 9 and 99709 940709 7.

A visit to the firm’s yard in June 2010 revealed that former Jones Plant D4H Dozer 61 remains extant minus rail wheels. It is shown in the “company undefined” list.

Aspin Foundations- New deliveries received in October 2010 are a pair of Colmar T10000FS’, fleet numbers ASPRRV08 and ASPRRV09 respectively. It appears that the pair of ex G B Rail plant T4300FS’, ASPRRV06 and ASPRRV07 may have been part exchanged for these machines as they are no longer listed on the companies otherwise comprehensive website and haven’t been seen since August 2010.

A number of former Hiremee Mecalacs were being advertised for sale in October 2010. However some of these have subsequently been seen out on hire and are retained for the time being. However 91 is still being advertised and has been removed from the Companies website list. Also no longer listed and presumed decommissioned/sold are ex Hiremee 988P’s 80 and 83 and Genie 124.

Definitely leaving the fleet however is the former A P Webb O & K 018 which has passed to the Barry Island Railway.

Aspire Rail - Not previously mentioned here, although mentioned in a comment on the second round up, this operator has a number of Network Rail Volvo FL6 lorries.

Balfour Beatty - Sold for scrap are PW150s XEK2424 and XEK2425 which were both fire victims.

Bradshaw - An unidentified Case 988P from this fleet has been advertised for sale. Meanwhile 37 and 39 have both passed to Total Rail Solutions.

Capel Rail - Further to comments in the last round up, some confusion developed earlier in the year about what machines this operator has. It transpires that the 4th machine in use is re-activated tractor L122 FKR. Whilst this had appeared in previous editions of the Book, it had been regarded as decommissioned for some years.

Former road railer D648 DOT remains owned but is used to power a log splitter. Its rail gear is retained however but not fitted at present.

D A Bird - With the exception of Case 688 L593 MUR (which for some years has been used on breaker duties at the owners quarry in the Towcester area), all road railers were advertised for sale earlier this year. Subsequently the Thwaites TD-12 passed to TRAC International.

Edinburgh Tramway - Has or will have a new Unimog U400 shunter which was exhibited at Innotrans in Germany in September.

First Engineering - Has sold Gator Buggy DP270/039 to Track Recovery Services.

Gamble Rail - Dozer E856 is the latest machine to appear for sale with a dealer. Meanwhile another dealer is offering for sale at least one Mecalec 14MXT plus several Komatsu PC128US/PC138US which it is believed are from this fleet. Additionally at least one of these machines has been noted dismantled at the Rugby depot (possibly E1263).

Case WX170’s E1214 and E1215 are now known to have passed to Total Rail Solutions in late 2009.

Many machines now carry Keltbray Rail fleet names and this appears to have been adopted as a trading name for this business. The ex Gamble depot at Broadbridge Heath was vacated in July 2010. At present the only depot known of is the ex BRP depot at Rugby although few machines ever seem to be there.

GB Rail Plant - This operator is understood to have pulled out of rail plant hire in Spring 2010. Certainly various trailers and attachments have passed to both QTS Group and Story Rail. Unconfirmed information suggests that the two remaining Colmars both passed to QTS Group also. Confirmation of this would be appreciated.

Harsco Rail - Some further machines have been added to this companies list, which have been seen but are either demonstrators or awaiting delivery to customers.

Hydrex - Further new Liebherr A900CZW’s have arrived although since for much of the time since the Summer this type of machine has been subject to a blanket quarantine imposed by Network Rail whilst investigations into a runaway incident are concluded.

Also delivered are 7012 and 7013, the first of a batch of 22 Basket RR14 EVO’s to be reported.

Sales of older machines have continued but details are very sketchy at best. The depot at Portishead is being used as a disposal point for surplus machinery and present in September reportedly up for sale were 2864, 2880, 2881, 2882, 3429, 3430, 3443, 3467, 4028, 4098, 4144 and 4456 plus EGO-4’s 4162 and 4163. Information at the time suggested some machines had already been exported to Ireland and Australia! 3540 also finally reached Liebherr for resale by October (previous updates refer).

Other noteworthy disposals see former Jarvis machine 6332 sold to Quattro Plant and 3656 moving to the West Somerset Railway. Meanwhile the remains of 5751 are no longer at Salsburg and have almost certainly been scrapped.

J Murphy - New arrivals here are at least two more A900CZW’s, P1217 and P1222, together with a Terex Accessrailer 17, P1209.

Also acquired from Harsco dealer stock are a pair of Kubota RTV900s, EU21659 and EU21678.

J W Plant Services - After many months up for sale, Case 788P’s RR28 and RR30 passed to Total Rail Solutions in late 2009.

L & W Contractors - Has another pair of Rexquote Megarailer converted PW160s, RRV126 and RRV127. Interestingly both these machines appear to be 2007 manufactured and presumably have been acquired secondhand and converted to rail use.

The fate of a number of EX165W’s has also been confirmed. 106 has passed to the Swanage Railway whilst 104 and 107 both appeared for sale in Belgium earlier in the year.

Liebherr GB - The demonstration/hire fleet has been increased by the addition of a new A900CZW.

MLP Railway Maintenance - Have acquired a pair of John Deere Gator Buggies from Torrent Trackside – DP270/035 and DP270/065.

Network Rail - The locations of RTV900s 975034 and 975035 have finally been confirmed as Hereford and Haverfordwest respectively.

As noted above ten lorries have been transferred to Aspire Rail.

On Line On Track Drainage - Have a new Mitsubishi Cantor registered DK59 CJJ.

Paul John Plant - Has sold Liebherr A900ZW’s RR901 and RR906 to Story Rail.

Preserved - The ranks of preserved Road Railers has increased with former Aspin 018 (Barry), Hydrex 3656 (West Somerset) and L & W Contractors 106 (Swanage) being regarded as preserved. However on the West Somerset, 3656 is understood to be a replacement for ex Gamble 688BP E594 which has reportedly been fire damaged.

Also Unimog Q454JTT is reported to have moved from the North Norfolk Railway to Whitwell and Reepham Station.

QTS Group - This interesting fleet continues to expand. Arguably the most interesting machine delivered in the period covered by this report is the presently unique Rosenqvist converted Valmet forestry machine registered SF58 OZJ. Although originally reported in early 2010, at the end of June this machine was in Kent being prepared.

Acquired from GOS having been used initially as a demonstrator is VW Multicar KX07 VNF which is numbered RRU 15 here.

A press release in September 2010 reported that 4 “excavators” had recently been purchased with more to follow. One of these is a new GOS converted Doosan DX170W Ultimate 270 with Euro Number 99709 940622 2. As mentioned above, an unconfirmed report suggests that the pair of Colmar T4300FS’ remaining with GB Rail Plant have also been purchased.

By June 2010, Unimogs RRU 1 and RRU 6 were both partly dismantled for parts.

Quattro Plant - A mixed bag of machines have arrived here. Firstly at least two Rexquote converted Terex Accessrailer 17s have arrived numbered 710 and 724. Also seemingly acquired is a nearly new Neotech Elan platform 10.070.48. Originally exhibited at Infrarail in April, this was then stored at Hydrex, Dudley, until July when it materialized at Brownhills. No fleet number has allocated as yet.

Secondhand arrivals comprise V W Multicar 780, ex GOS, and former Hydrex Case 988P Megarailer 6332 which again has yet to receive a fleet number.

Having been shifted around three depots, the remains of fire damaged Komatsu PC138 150 have been scrapped on site at Brownhills. A number of Genie Z45/22’s continue to be advertised for sale by a dealer.

Readypower - Long stored PW130’s FR501 and FR502 and PW95’s FR1001-1005 plus lorry FR695 have all been advertised for sale recently by a dealer, although the PW130’s are no longer being advertised.

Scottish Woodlands - Unimog E535 PFV is being advertised for sale by dealer Ingleton Price and is stored on their premises.

Stobart Rail - A new delivery here is GOS converted Doosan DX170W W0158.

Story Rail - Have acquired a pair of Liebherr A900ZW’s from Paul John Plant. These are SR960 (formerly Paul John RR906) and SR961 (formally Paul John RR901).

Swietelsky Babcock Rail - A lorry from this fleet had passed to a commercial vehicle dealer in Glasgow by June 2010. In late June this vehicle was at a paint shop in Airdrie but its identity remains unconfirmed.

Torrent Trackside - Has sold Gator Buggys DP270/035 and DP270/065 to MLP Railway Maintenance and DP270/021 to Total Rail Solutions.

Total Rail Solutions – As briefly mentioned in the second round up, this company was granted the appropriate licence to operate rail plant in September 2009 and has expanded quite rapidly. Further information has now come to light on equipment which has been purchased.

Acquired towards the end of 2009 were two ex Gamble Case WX170s, E1214 and E1215 which are renumbered TRS1002 and TRS1001 respectively, together with a pair of ex J W Plant Services Case 788P’s, RR28 and RR30 which are renumbered TRS701 and TRS702 respectively. They were then joined in 2010 by a pair of ex Bradshaw Case 988P’s, 37 and 39 which become TRS704 and TRS703 respectively. Acquired in late Summer 2010 was ex Torrent Trackside Gator Buggy DP270/021 which is numbered TRS810 here. For completeness, three EGO-4s have also been purchased from the auctions conducted by the Administrators of Jarvis Rail.

The Company's website has suggested for some months that a GigaRailer 12 numbered TRS1003 is also available but enquires with the company in mid October suggested this hadn’t been received at that time and the identity of this machine remains unconfirmed.

Also presently listed on the companies list is former AIS RTV900 EU20946. It is understood this vehicle may be on long term hire rather than acquired however.

TRAC Engineering - Recently acquired by this diverse fleet are the two Valtra T Series Tractors from UPM Tilhill which become SV100 and SV102 and have been registered RK08 CZV and RK58 KVZ respectively. Also acquired from D A Bird is the Thwaites TD-12 which becomes SV103.

Track Recovery Services - Acquired from First Engineering is Gator Buggy DP270/039.

UPM Tilhill - Have sold the pair of Valtra T Series Tractors to TRAC Engineering.

Volker Rail - Received here are four new Basket RR14 EVO access booms, RRM13401-404 inclusive.

Thanks to all those people who have provided information for this round up. Information is always gratefully received. In particular, any details of machinery being exported or scrapped would be very welcome as it believed that quite a few vehicles listed on the website as operational, may in fact be long gone.

John Griffiths/Nick Tompkin – January 2011.



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  • Jim Ramsay

    Jim Ramsay

    Wheeled Excavator 99709 940626-3 (ex Aspine) was seen at Haymarket in mid December carrying QTS Rail logos along with Tracked Excavators 99709 911251-5, 99709 911256-4 (ex Paul John plant)

  • Steve William Wilson-Burgess

    Steve William Wilson-Burgess

    Christmas Engineering Work at York today 14:00

    6 x Quattro R/R machines

    2 x Bradshaw R/R machines ( not in list - new 940739-4 & 940738-6)

  • Paul Moseley

    Paul Moseley

    Re the latest addition Rail Infrastructure...Bradshaws have taken delivery of another Doosan DX170W Ultimate 270,the third in the company's fleet and a new Komatsu PC138...both from GOS

  • Paul Moseley

    Paul Moseley

    NR have ordered an additional 16 Iveco Daily Crew Cab vehicles from LH Access...also awarded to Geismar (UK) is an order for 26 MEWP's based on a MAN 18 tonne 4x4 lorry chassis,delivery commencing in the last quarter of 2013.