Road-Railer, On-Track Machine and Trailer Roundup - March 2024

29th March 2024

Road-Railer, On-Track Machine and Trailer Roundup - March 2024

Here is a round-up of road-railer, on-track machine and trailer news during February and March 2024. As well as the usual deliveries, two machines were disposed of.

As always, thanks to everyone who has contributed information for this article. If you or your company has any updates/details of new deliveries for our next article then please leave a comment below, post in the forum or email us privately. You can also upload photos here.


On-Track Machines - Deliveries

Another new Plasser & Theurer tamper for Colas Rail arrived into the country via the Channel Tunnel towards the end of February and subsequently moved to West Ealing for commissioning.

DR75017 - Plasser & Theurer Unimat 09-4x4/4S Dynamic Tamper

  • Thumbnail dr75017-1

On-Track Machines - Disposals

In a surprise move, two old Plasser 07 tampers moved from the Churnet Valley Railway to Booths of Rotherham for disposal in the middle of March.

DR73241 - Plasser & Theurer 07-16 Universal Tamper / Liner

DR73405 - Plasser & Theurer 07-32 Duomatic Tamper / Liner

  • Thumbnail dr73241-1
  • Thumbnail 73405-1

Road-Railers - Deliveries

AJH - GK&N Services Rail JET/VAC Rail Cyclone 2.1

99709 919124-6 - Readypower Rail Services RCDC16

AJH - Komatsu PC138US-11EO Track Rascal

The first of AJH's new Track Rascal crawler excavators was delivered to Balfour Beatty at the start of March, with a second following at the end of the month.

99709 911442-0 - Balfour Beatty Rail Services XEK7087

99709 911443-8 - Balfour Beatty Rail Services XEK7088

AJH - Liebherr R920 Compact Crawler Excavator

99709 911441-2 - Story Plant 1372

  • Thumbnail 056575-1

Aquarius - R2R D-Max / Isuzu

99709 976114-7 - Network Rail (Southern)

  • Thumbnail network-rail-99709976114-yk70hvd-1

Fitzgerald - Mercedes-Benz Unimog U430

Deliveries of Fitzgerald's new Unimogs for Network Rail continue apace, with over half of the 20-strong order now being found in Scotland.

99709 977060-1 - Scotland's Railway (Network Rail)

99709 977059-3 - Scotland's Railway (Network Rail)

99709 977061-9 - Scotland's Railway (Network Rail)

99709 977065-0 - Scotland's Railway (Network Rail)

99709 977066-8 - Scotland's Railway (Network Rail)

99709 977067-6 - Scotland's Railway (Network Rail)

99709 977069-2 - Scotland's Railway (Network Rail)

99709 977071-8 - Scotland's Railway (Network Rail)

99709 977073-4 - Scotland's Railway (Network Rail)

99709 977077-5 - Scotland's Railway (Network Rail)

  • Thumbnail network-rail-99709977060-e4ccb2
  • Thumbnail network-rail-99709977059-93d0dc
  • Thumbnail network-rail-99709977061-2fd0d6
  • Thumbnail network-rail-99709977065-772532
  • Thumbnail nr-scotland-99709977066-c428b8
  • Thumbnail network-rail-99709977069-117c2b
  • Thumbnail nr-scotland-99709977071-6364d2
  • Thumbnail network-rail-99709977073-badae1
  • Thumbnail nr-scotland-99709977077-e6469c

GOS - Doosan DX170CR crane

99709 950007-3 - SPL Powerlines RRV003

GOS - Doosan DX170W-7 Ultimate 270

99709 950018-0 - Quattro Plant (inc AB2K) 1505

Rail Products - Manitou RP450HV Hybrid Access Platform

A new entrant into the UK rail plant industry, Explore Rail have recently taken delivery of four new Hybrid MEWPs and associated trailers from Rail Products. The company also has at least one Liebherr 924 and two Geismar Runner Wizards on the way...

99709 912510-3 - Explore Rail

Road-Railers - Rebuilds

On-Line On-Track Drainage / SuperRod

Two of OLOTD's Unimogs have undergone an extensive rebuild which included replacing the access platforms with tanker & jetter units. Unusually they have also been re-registered with new EVNs.

99709 979120-1 - Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1650 with Tanker and Jetter

99709 979121-9 - Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400 with Tanker and Jetter

  • Thumbnail r29-jet-a327d3
  • Thumbnail readypower-xot2271-fm02gzh-99709-979027-8-1

Trailers - Deliveries

Geismar 1T RRT

We don't usually cover new trailers in these articles, but going forward we will mention deliveries of interesting new trailer types. Two new Geismar 1T road-rail trailers were delivered to Scotland at the end of the month. It will be interesting to see if a new Runner Wizard follows.

99709 009457-1 - Scotland's Railway (Network Rail)

99709 009460-5 - Scotland's Railway (Network Rail)

  • Thumbnail network-rail-99709009457-83682d
  • Thumbnail network-rail-99709009460-77a8f0



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  • Jim Gillies

    Jim Gillies

    All 20 of 20 Unimogs have now been into Shettleston. The last 3 being 977068/70 & 72 which all arrived on Friday 29th March. The 3 1st Of Type ,

    977062 general crane, 072 Heavy Crane and 078 De-veg, have all been passed. Basically only the Road Registrations to be allocated and fitted.