Various Moves - Spring 2008

24 April 2008 - thanks to Ben Williams, Fastline, Brian Stanway, Roy Hennefer, Dave Denton, Les Wild, AB for this article

Several items of stored plant have recently moved. Some good, and some bad...


During February Trackwork's 77201 - the UK's last surviving Plasser USP4000C Regulator - moved to Booth's from Ruddington. It hasn't been cut yet - it's currently for sale (along with 81518).

A shock move was that of preserved crane 96101. Formerly stored at Horsham, it moved to the Dean Forest Railway in 2005. Three years later, it moved again to Booth's where it was swiftly scrapped.

Going by recent reports this may not be the end of the crane cull either! Watch this space...


Fastline has sold five on track machines for deployment in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, key growth markets for investment in railway infrastructure.

Two machines left the UK on 10 March 2008 - a RM74 Ballast Cleaner and a USP5000C Ballast Regulator. These have been supplied to Torpol S.P.2.0.00, a leading private track work contractor in Poland. They will be deployed on one of the first EU funded projects in Poznan. 76307 is the ballast cleaner involved but it is not known yet the identity of the USP5000C.

A futher three machines have been sold for deployment in the Middle East including Libya and Egypt. Bahna Engineering, one of the leading track work contractors in the Middle East, will soon be taking delivery of the RM74 Ballast Cleaner, 07-275 Switch and Crossing Tamper and a 07-32 Plain Line Tamper. Again it is not known yet which machines are involved here.

Other moves

81523 & 81509 moved to the Paignton & Dartmouth Railway in April - both previously being stored at York OTPD.

96715 has moved north to Toton following its spell of storage at Old Oak Common.

Former Grant Plant cranes 81541 & 81545 made the short move from their former Scunthorpe home to the nearby Corus steelworks site on 17th April. They were both bought by the Blast Furnaces as a replacement for the Highline rail crane which was unfortunately written off several weeks ago. 81545 should be back in action during May following a re-test and repaint. The plan is to see 81541 returned to action as well but not so soon.

Two of the small GWS75 tampers moved south from Scotland to Plasser's works at West Ealing during February. 2833 & 2866 are the machines involved. It is thought that PMPS have purchased these two while the other two will remain with First in Scotland. They will apparently undergo major repairs and rebuilding here.

Both snowblowers 968500 & 968501 now appear to be stored at Motherwell when not in use.

Snowploughs 965211, 965237 & 965580, 965581 have moved from Crewe to Wigan. Meanwhile it is thought that the four BR independent ploughs formerly based at Motherwell may now be relocated further south although their exact location is not known at present - if anyone knows please get in touch!



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  • peter Cummings

    peter Cummings

    The Harsco TRT is up for sale, and expected to go abroard too. This is linked to NR's order for a new high-output TRT.

    (details, and of other changes, in April issue of Modern Railways).

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