Network Rail Plant Show Westwood - May 2011

24th May 2011

Network Rail Plant Show Westwood - May 2011

Network Rail are hosting a plant event at their training centre near Coventry this week May 23-27. Ben visited on Monday to see what was on show...

Situated in a field opposite the new training centre buildings, the event had an impressive selection of plant from a number of companies.


A new Kubota - apparently one of two heading for Murphy - 30084 - 747/01


095/00 Ultrasonic test cart

Bance Ultrasonic test cart

Complete Drain Clearance



Trac Engineering

V551KEO unimog

S949DWL Scorpion

H181VRR Merc lorry

RK08CZV Valtra tractor

AU56ETL Personnel carrier in the car park

TD12 - SV103

Trac Unimog U2150


A German demonstrator lorry - Mercedes 1829 with Euro number 99809 906012-6

  • Thumbnail hilton_998099060126-1

QTS Group

KX07VNF Multicar

AD02FKU unimog with rail movers

1 - 909172-7

2 - 909179-2

3 - 909173-5

  • Thumbnail qts_ad02fku-2
  • Thumbnail qts_23-1

there are 8 of these that work with the unimog above

RRE01 Takeuchi

RRE03 Long reach

PN57RSX unimog

SF580ZJ - 975106-4 RRF02 - Valmet chipper - this has apparently been working in Scotland recently

FB03FNX lorry

  • Thumbnail qts_sf58ozj-2
  • Thumbnail qts_fb03fnx-1


RUMP06 Rail Boss

RUMP12 Dieci

RSB006 SuperBoss

  • Thumbnail apwebb_rsb006-1


Refurbished DX03FOV

  • Thumbnail srs_dx03fov-2




Keltbray Rail / Keltbray Aspire

Keltbray PC228


E1355 Manitou


E1318 PC228

  • Thumbnail keltbray_gn51mbf-1
  • Thumbnail keltbray_x167mkn-1

Aquarius Railroad Technologies

BD59WOJ plus new RR trailer

  • Thumbnail aquarius_bd59woj-2

plus excellent models!

  • Thumbnail aquarius_model-1

Readypower Engineering




LK07OYL Multicar

LK56MSX Multicar





6929 Elan

Trac's branded cupcakes!

It was good to meet and chat with many of the exhibitors and also put faces to familiar names!

The website seems to be well-known within the industry and we are glad that it is proving useful.

I'd like to thank everyone concerned and look forward to your continued support. Also to Network Rail for allowing me to visit and a special thanks to the people at Trac for their warm welcome and excellent Trac-branded cupcakes!




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  • Paul Cheesemore avatar

    Paul Cheesemore

    Top report and pic's as always Ben

  • Lee Taylor

    Lee Taylor

    Ben, regarding Keltbray Aspire GN51 MBF DAF Access lorry. I noted it with UIC number 99709 919052-9 whereas the list on gives it as 919054-5. Can you please check your notes and correct if necessary

  • Robin Morel

    Robin Morel

    Gents, can confirm that the vehicle carries 919052-9 as it has been re-engineered and re-registered from it's former wcml use., the current access platform being particularly suitable for working under 'headspan' type electrification. A number of similar ex wcml vehicles also being re registered so it's not a case of one number for life .

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