Winter news update

2nd February 2007

A summary of recent disposals and changes...


Following on from the earlier news article, it has been busy in Rotherham with the cutting of the former Carillion machines - 73252, 73258, 76310, 77400, 77401, 77403, 78228, 78236, 78238, 81504, 81524 and 81531.

Half of 98304 was in the cutting area on 20th January. This is despite previously having "do not cut" labels. 76314, 76315 & 98301 remain on site with crane 81526.

Up in Scotland, 73218, 73225 & 73236 were cut during January at Slateford.

73422 was cut at Perth at the beginning of the year. It is expected 69001 & 78425 were also dealt with at the same time - to be confirmed.

Finally, 76208 was cut up at Rutherglen towards the end of January followed by 79105, 98502 and the remains of 08000 at Kilmarnock. The contractor for all of these Scottish jobs was G O'Brien & Sons of Tyne & Wear.

Other news

A programme of snowplough refurbishments appears to be underway at present. On 16th January 965203 & 965242 arrived at Thornaby after refurb at Marcroft, Stoke. This pair had previously been based at Margam. On 23rd January 965217 & 965234 were at Marcroft (previously at York.)

73114 arrived in the country on 10th December 2006 and had made its way to Plassers by the 12th. The works number is 3234 of 2006.

On 19th January six Carillion HCTs formerly stored at Crewe arrived at the former Eastleigh works for storage. Machines involved were HCT006, HCT016, HCT017, HCT018, HCT019, HCT023.



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  • Simon Warnes

    Simon Warnes

    Do you mean a Donelli ? Look around this site for pictures.

  • Vince /// avatar

    Vince /// Website editor

    Just to update this, only 76314 remains at Booths (with "Do Not Cut" labels on still...)