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Platform 5 book - DMUs & On-Track Machines 2013 [was 2011]

Some of you will have noticed that Platform 5 now include "On-Track Machines" in the 2011 edition of the DMU pocketbook.

The book is not as comprehensive as NPT Publishing's "On-Track Plant" series. It only includes active machines, and excludes road-railers, disposal details etc - making it ideal for the casual enthusiast.

You can buy it here on amazon.


The 2012 edition is available to pre-order now!

update 2013:

The 2013 edition is now available

I guess they couldn't fill a whole pocket book with just DMUs now all the first generation stuff has gone ( bubble cars excepted ) so maybe just a way to keep the former number of pages?

Maybe, the DMU edition did always seemed the smallest of the books.

Hopefully it will also boost interest in the genre too :)

In the light of recent comments and the appearance of various publications it is probably worth me clarifying the Platform 5 situation with regard to OTM's.

With the full agreement of Roger Butcher/NPT Publishing basic details of what are now defined by Network Rail as 'On-Track Machines' potentially available for use on the national network are included in the Platform 5 books 'DMUS & ON-TRACK MACHINES' and 'BRITISH RAILWAYS LOCOMOTIVES & COACHING STOCK'. It should be noted that only 'On-Track Machines' are included and not what is now defined by Network Rail as 'On-Track Plant', that is machines, including road/railers, that are only permitted to used within engineering posssesions. There are no plans to include 'On-Track Plant' in the Platform titles mentioned above and no agreement exists with Roger Butcher/NPT Publishing to do this.

It is not true though to say that the Platform 5 books only include active machines as those 'On-Track Machines' in store ans awaiting disposal at the time of going to press are included.

Both NPT Publishing and Platform 5 Publishing continual monitor other publications for copyright breaches. That said, OTPNET is seen as complementary to the Platform 5 Publishing titles especially through its sightings sections which are a great help for enthusiasts trying to catch up with 'On-Track Machines'.

The 2012 edition of the book is now listed on Amazon, and presumably a similar format to the 2011 book...

You can pre-order it here!

Again, it's that time of year - the 2013 is now available on Amazon for pre-ordering...

Diesel Multiple Units 2013: Including .. On-Track Machines

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