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Australian RM74 Ballast Cleaner

Some interesting videos of a shiny Australian RM74 ballast cleaner in action over on youtube:

More at

I take it they have a different weight limit for wheeled vehicles working over sleepers in Australia?

Judging by other video's, this could be an ex-BR/Fastline machine, I can spot a few mods, such as the crossfall beam brackets and other things that was carried out over here.

Agree with you there LM. The cabs look too narrow to be a continental gauge machine.

We don't seem to have any RM74s listed as going to Oz...? but we do have a note that some bogies from a scrapped example went there so it perhaps makes sense. If anyone knows what this machine is please let us know...


As above, the brackets on the troughs for laser mast and crossfall beam, also the outriggers appear to have the infrared transmitters/receivers (although not in use, or on override in the video).

These was all BR ER mods, not standard Plasser, so I'm pretty convinced this is an ex-fastline machine.

I think I've finally tracked it down. 76308, sent to Italy in 2010, refurbished by Avantgarde...

Cracking find Vince!

terry wall, vince, i think your wright i work 76308 the left hand trough a steel plate on the bottum of the trough

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