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Since the departure of regular OTP news in modern railway magazines in 1997, a number of developments have taken place on the railways.

Jarvis' Fairmont Tamper P 811-S renewal machine arrived at Southampton on November 29, 1999.  It is numbered 78901 and will be tested on the Leamside line and parts of the ECML.

Railtrack's prototype Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV; 98305 & 98306), built by Geismar in late 1996, has been supplemented by another 25 MPVs from Windhoff, Germany, with the first having arrived in mid-'99.  These versatile vehicles are capable of virtually any infrastructure related tasks from weedkilling to de-icing, thanks to their interchangeable ISO container-style modules.  The vehicle's number range is 98901 - 98925 for the 'master' unit, and 98951 - 98975 for the 'slave'.  They operate in a 'master + slave' formation only.

Plasser & Theurer, Austria have also been supplying machines to many of the new infrastructure maintenance units (IMCs) which have only previously operated smaller items of plant.  AMEC Rail, AMEY Railways, First Engineering and GTRM have all acquired new tamping machines which all comply to the latest standards.  All of the new machines add a variation to the once plain yellow world of on track plant.  To view a list of new Plasser machines, please click here.

As well as this, Jarvis have acquired an 08-16 SP-T Tamper 'second-hand' from either Germany or Austria.  Numbered 75203, a photo can be seen in the images section.
As well as the above, mention needs to be made of the following:
Pandrol Jackson have supplied 11 or 12 Stoneblowers to Railtrack.
Permaquip have supplied 2 HCTs to Balfour Beatty (038 & 039 ).
Geismar have supplied AMEC with a VMT 860 PL/UM, 98307 & 98308.
The Man Like Vince cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the above text.