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This page gives you some links to related On Track Plant web sites (a new window will be created).

At the moment, there aren't many links, so if you know any, e-mail me with them at otp@otpnet.co.uk

OTP related sites

An interesting view of OTP used in Europe can be found at  Czechoslovakian OTP manufacturer, MTH

Plasser American can be found here.  It shows American machines and has technical specs and photos of tools etc.

Marcroft Engineering have been repainting OTP for Balfour Beatty.  Visit the site here or  here.

OTP news Some photos of OTP can be found at this site.  Other railway photos can also be found.

Railtrack's Infrastructure Contractors

These links are to contractors who are contracted by Railtrack to repair / renew the railway.


Amey Group

Balfour Beatty

Carillion plc (Centrac)

First Engineering

Grant Rail

GT Rail Maintenance

Jarvis plc

Desquenne et Giral have the plain line renewal of the GWML.  If, like me, you've never heard of them, check this out.

Other railway related sites

Railway topics like locos, wagons, rolling stock etc can be found at  The Unofficial GB Railway Enthusiast Web Site

The Rail Enthusiast Web Site includes photos, loco diagrams, mailing lists and the most comprehensive UK depot directory on the net!

With the 'red death'  of locos increasing nearly daily, keep atop of it all at this useful site.

The 37003 Group own, would you beleive, 37003.  Check it out here.

For a more comprehensive list of railway links, check out the w3fasttrack railway directory.

OTP news If you like wagons then have a gander at wagons on the web.

The Modern Trains Webring
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