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So the new owner of AD9119 has been in touch asking for background info on these trollies.

I've pointed her towards the interesting company background on Rail Trolley Trust page but while looking in an old book it says that 14 were built for the MOD in mid 1970s. However it seems we only have 10 listed on here from that batch (AD9112 & 9113 being earlier 1959 types.)

Anyone know what is missing please? The numbering seems a bit haphazard...

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Ben Williams Editor

AD9117 - 9121 are works nos. 3706 - 3710

AD9123 is the one that was cut down to its base frame and noted at Kineton.

So perhaps:

AD9122 - 3711?

AD9123 - 3712 I think is confirmed but needs updating here.

Then AD9124 we know is 3713

There's then a gap until

AD9127 - 3743

AD9128 - 3744

AD9129 - 3745

AD9150 - 3746

this still only accounts for 12...

AD9125 and AD9126 would make sense?

Brian Cuttell

Brian Cuttell

AD 9122 (BD3711 built 1975), AD 9125 (BD 3741 built 1976) & AD 9126 (BD 3742 built 1976) were all reported at MOD Kineton in the 1980s.

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Ben Williams Editor

Ok thanks Brian I'll add those.

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