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DR73949 and DR73950 Named

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Nick Tompkin

Both of Balfour Beatty's new 08-4X4/4S-RT tampers have been named in recent weeks following a competition involving schools. Rather than cast plates, the names are applied in paint/transfers on the main bodyside directly above the Balfour Beatty name. The rather creative names are:

DR73949 - Tiny Tamper

DR73950 - Tamper Tantrum

The machines also carry details of the Christian names of the child who selected each respective name, their class year and the name plus the logo of their school.

Allan Jenkins

Allan Jenkins

Do these have a headcode each when travelling the network? Can't see them on the headcode list.

Jarrod Barker

Jarrod Barker

I think they run as 6Q03 and 6Q04

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