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DR75409 arrives

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Balfour Beatty's new Matisa tamper, 75409 arrived in the UK during the first week of December. Upon arrival via the tunnel, it was taken to Sandiacre, via Newport!

Keith Gunner

Keith Gunner

I believe this apparently odd movement is one result of DBS virtually quitting Wembley, traffic flows going elsewhere now. But did the machine actually get to Newport, or was it dropped off at Didcot for onward movement? Can anyone confirm please?

Keith 23/12/2010

Brian Stanway

Brian Stanway

Hi Keith - The machine did get as far as Alexander Dock Jct and was then tripped to Warrington. I missed it at Warrington by 30 mins but i never found out if it went north to Carlisle as first rumoured or south to Toton !!!!


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