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DR98215 to liverpool

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ashford steve


DR98215 (a end) seen yesterday being loaded on an alleys lorry, heading for liverpool so the fitter told me.

has a new looking crane fitted.

was shunted up to be loaded by DR73261.


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Vince Website editor

Does anyone know if this ever arrived at Liverpool? No sightings since it left Ashford a month ago!

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

Hopefully someone can clarify but my original understanding was that the powered (A end) of two of the Balfour Beatty TRAMMs would be formed into an electrification train for the North West Triangle project with a wagon or wagons sandwiched in between. The un-powered (B end) being put into storage. Observations in the sightings section suggest though that instead TRAMMs DR98215 and DR98218 with wagons sandwiched between the two ends have been used instead.

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Vince Website editor

Various reports seem to suggest that both pairs are involved, both recently sandwiching a wagon. A photo here shows 98215A + a wagon + presumably 98215B.

Additionally, 98215A arrived back at Ashford yesterday by road.

Jim Ramsay

Jim Ramsay

Sorry for late posting but the following were visible at Truebrook sdgs on the 9th Oct 12:

DR98215A + NLU93274 + DR98215B

DR98218A + NLU93264 + DR98218B



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