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DRK81611 Support Wagons

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Nick Tompkin

On 11th June I was able to have a good view of DRK81611 and it's entourage at Eastleigh. This confirmed that KFA wagon VTG95389 is now running with it, in place of BB97403.

This is however not a recent change. Having cross referenced sightings, I believe that this has been the case since at least 1st June 2017 when 95389 was recorded with the crane at Ebbsfleet. The previous sighting of 95389 was by Paul and I at Langley on 1st May 2016, so the change over occurred in this 13 month window I believe.

This therefore makes me suspect that most, if not all, sightings of BB97403 post 1st June 2017 are likely incorrect, being I suspect assumptions made having positively identified the crane. This also leads to the question as to what has become of BB97403? The one possible exception to the incorrect sightings I have identified is the sighting of BB97403 at Toton on 1st November 2018, as the crane was not reported there that day and this may give a clue as to where BB97403 is/was.

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

That's a very interesting observation Nick. Looking at my sightings, I too did not see 97403 when I noted DRK81611 from 2017 onwards. Checking the usual sources, the last sighting of it 'in formation' with the crane was 2nd December 2016. The first sighting I can find of 95389 being included with the crane is 28th April 2017, so that narrows the gap down a bit further. 97403 showed as being at Sandiacre Balfour Beatty depot on TOPS on the 26th May this year. I'd be very much inclined to agree with you on incorrect sightings from mid-2017 onwards (apart from those at Toton or Sandiacre of course).

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Ben Williams Editor

Thanks both. I've amended details on 81611, 97403 and 95389 entries. Post-2017 sightings will need to be reviewed by each contributor and flagged if needed.

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On the subject of support wagons, When I viewed Bristol East earlier (From the Spine Road) there were 4 wagons on the washer road at Barton Hill Depot. They all appeared to be crane runner wagons, and the nearest was 610273. I presume 610274 was next to it, and the other 2 looked like the 974xx wagons that are more typical.

610273 was carrying a piece of equipment clearly marked DRK81621. It looks like the two wagons and 81621 have been matched for a few months at least from reports I could find.

Despite the runner wagons, there was no sign of any cranes. They could have been in Temple Meads or possibly Barton Hill depot.



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