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Nick Tompkin

Having been used fairly extensively on large S & C projects in recent years, in early 2019 most of the Geismar and Colas Rail PEMS and LEMS (and from my observations, the fleets frequently worked together) fell out of ticket. I was surprised therefore to see some photos of S & C renewal work at Southall across Christmas/New Year using these, but with the PEMS looking rather different.

This has been explained today as four of Geismar's PEMS and LEMS were delivered to Brighton Thursday morning for use on a partial replacement of Preston Park Junction this weekend. It transpires that all four PEMS are new machines, with EAC's expiring in on 31st October 2026. The new machines present were:

99709 900014-0

99709 900015-7

99709 900017-3

99709 900018-1

These are the tip of the Iceberg as at Southall many more were used, and it may be fair to assume there are at least 18 numbered in sequence from these observations.

Interestingly, the accompanying LEMS were old ones, all of which had EAC's expiring at the end of the Month. I wonder therefore if a new fleet of LEMS may also be in production currently, or whether the old ones will be refurbished.

I have photos of each which will be uploaded when these are added to the site.

One question which I have been unable to answer. Does anyone know what the PEM and LEM (and indeed the earlier PUM and PLUM) abbreviations actually mean?

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Vince Website editor

LEM = Lorry élévateur motorisé

PEM = Portique extensible de manutention

LNR = Lorry de nivellement et de ripage

PTH = Portique hydraulique de pose et de renouvellement de voie

Can't find PUM/PLUM

Bryan Blundell

Bryan Blundell

One of our Supervisors at Leeds back in the 90's defined PUM's as Picking Up Machines.

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