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HCT / PL Disposal ?

Tony O'Dell

Tony O'Dell

There have been 3 HCT's and 2 PL's stored at Romford OTPD for ages now. All 3 HCT's and 1 PL were all in a line at the London end of the depot up until around 5 weeks ago when they were moved to the centre of the yard, close to the other PL. This made them harder to see due to other track machines ( especially snow blowers) as well as overgrown buddleigh being in the way. On Friday I went past and thought some of the machines were missing. A trip past today confirmed that only 2 HCTS and 1 PL are still there.

Does anyone know where they have been moved to ?

Tony O'Dell

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Vince Website editor

A recent report suggests that PL041 (XOP2296) and HCT008 (XOH2299) are now at the East Anglian Railway Museum...

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