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Hi All, Wondering if someone could help with some details as I've been looking at the different HOBC status on this site for the different sets and had a few questions.

HOBCS1 - Seems to have only MFS wagons assigned to it since the RM95s were exported. I guess this set is no longer active and the MFS are used in a general pool or with HOBCS5?

HOBCS2 - most of the MFS were on the export attempt a few weeks ago - maybe they've been exported now? Is this set still in use? What's happened to the DR76501 and the VM80 which were assigned to this set?

HOBCS3 - believe it is in use and active.

HOBCS4 - What benefit does the VM80 offer in this set compared to HOBCS3? Is it always used?

HOBCS5 - Believe this set can work with 3rd rail. Does it have a rake of MFS assigned to it? No MFS's shown as assigned on the website.

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