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HOBC wagons move

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Ben Williams Editor

There were two moves today involving a rake of HOBC wagons plus 76501

Fairwater - Wembley and then Wembley to Dollands Moor. Worth keeping an eye on as they may be off away to Europe through the tunnel...?

Thanks to a post on se-gen the consist was as follows

DR 92322 L YDA

DR 92303 E YDA

DR 92313 E YDA

DR 92304 E YDA

DR 92290 E YDA

DR 92305 E YDA

DR 92307 E YDA

DR 92314 E YDA

DR 92309 E YDA

DR 92312 E YDA

DR 92311 E YDA

DR 92292 E YDA

DR 92320 E YDA

DR 92321 E YDA

DR 92308 E YDA

DB 979403 E YSA

DR 92291 L YDA

DR 92315 E YDA

DR 92316 E YDA

DR 92317 E YDA

DR 92310 E YDA

DR 92306 L YDA

DR 92319 L YDA

DR 92318 E YDA

DR 76501 E ZWA

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

These, apparently, were indeed supposed to be for export, but have been returned to Wembley yard this morning...

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Ben Williams Editor

Looks like they're booked back to Dollands Moor this evening on 6B61

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