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HOBCS2 to Long Marston, 2nd August

Andrew Cameron

Andrew Cameron

37425 is in position at Eastleigh coupled to HOBCS2, or part thereof, and is to work 06:46 Eastleigh East Yard - Oxford - Long Marston on Monday morning, 2nd August:


I could see:

DR 92286 HOBC2 Plasser & Theurer NPW-RT Materials Handling Train Power Wagon (next to 37425)

DR 92289 HOBCS2 Plasser & Theurer MFS-SB Swivel Conveyor Wagon


DR 92300 HOBCS2 Plasser & Theurer MFS-SB Swivel Conveyor Wagon

I have yet to sort out my pictures, but here is one from another photographer:


Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

Someone has suggested it won't run in this path but he didn't say what that was based on... someone else said it may go via Swindon.

Andrew Cameron

Andrew Cameron

Yes, I have now read elsewhere that there is another path, which includes a runaround at Worcester, which may be necessary for a proper entrance into Honeybourne - this is it:


Some of my own pictures, showing the length of the HOBCS2 formation, where I count 10 Hopper / Conveyor wagons:






Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

Appears to be running in the Swindon path.

Wagons quoted as

DR 92286 YOA

DR 92289 YDA

DR 92295 YDA

DR 92300 YDA

DR 92301 YDA

DR 92296 YDA

DR 92299 YDA

DR 92298 YDA

DR 92302 YDA

DR 92287 YDA

DR 92288 YDA

DR 92285 YOA

Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

Currently at least five MFS wagons at Southampton docks - presumably about to be exported. Anyone any info please?

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

Probably members of the batch (that went in two rakes) that went to Long Marston recently from Eastleigh - I've heard that batch is off to America.


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