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Information on Grant Rail Tampers (historical)

Roger Monk

Roger Monk

I am trying to compile a list of OTP used for the construction of the Midland Metro line from Birmingham (Snow Hill) to Wolverhampton back in 1997-1999. Grant Rail were the sub-contractors for track laying. I have some details of some of their vehicles from Industrial Railway Society records. However, my knowledge of OTP is fairly limited - please excuse this. I have photos/notes of 3 Grant Rail Tampers used on the project which I haven't been able to identify:

GR 4 Tamper/Liner? 4w Make/Model??? Yellow/black livery This looks to be the same machine as seen @ Scunthorpe on Paul Bartlett's site:

GR 6 Tamper/Liner? 4w 'double ended' Make/Model??? Yellow livery; red buffer heads

GR 5142 Tamper/Liner? 4w Plasser & Theurer UNIMA 1 Yellow livery

Thanks in advance for any help on this topic - if it helps I could post photos of these machines.

A Fairmount ballast regulator was also used on this project - is anything known about this. I have tried to find if there's a Grant Rail 'fleet list' online but not found anything.

Nick Tompkin avatar

Nick Tompkin


Firstly, the last machine is the easy one. It is this machine -

GR 4 and GR 6 are, I think, former Grant Rail fleetnumbers from a series which are not recorded on the site, being superseded by the GR51xx series. However from the link GR 4 is I believe either a Tamper EJG6 or Tamper/Fairmont Tamper EAS-JD. The 2000 OTP book records GrantRail as having five such machines at this time, one of which is this one -

Grant Rail became VolkerRail whose fleet you will find listed here - If you select the option for scrapped machines etc., this should bring up machines from this time which are no longer around.

If you are able to post the photos, I may be able to assist further. I hope this is a start however.

Roger Monk

Roger Monk

Thanks, Nick. That's very helpful. I had no idea that Grant Rail had become VolkerRail I have now posted some photos (before I saw your reply); will now look up the links you have provided.


Bryan Blundell

Bryan Blundell

In Roger Monks post above he mentions use of a regulator on the Midland Metro.

Could it be this one GR5077?

Still in regular use on the NYMR

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Vince Website editor

I have now approved all of the interesting photos- currently clickable in the comments section.

Quick tip: if you have a full number such as "gr5142", you can tap it into the search box at the top of the website and get details about the machine.

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