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Isle of Man tampers

John Peter Holmes

John Peter Holmes

Hello all,

Can anyone enlighten me about two tampers used in the Isle of Man? Information from the island can be very fragmentary, in spite of the occasional publication 'Manx Transport Review'.

Contractor Hocking Rail had a tamper during the relaying of part of the Isle of Man Railway between Castletown and Santon in 2002-3. It is believed to have been of German make, and was sold to the IMR at the end of the contract in March 2003.

The IMR have, or had, another tamper which I believe was a Fairmont Jackson type 2400. Only one of these two tampers is now on the railway, the other having been sold to an operator on the mainland.

Can anyone provide any further information on the identities and movements of these tampers ?

With thanks and best regards

Peter Holmes

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Vince Website editor

Both come up if you do a search on this website for "isle of man".

Fairmont tamper...

Hocking/Mowlem Plasser & Theurer Unima 1 tamper, not reported since 2014, possibly scrapped?...

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Further, the Plasser still existed in July 2018 according to this photo - it has had its cab removed so some people may not twig what it is.

Several other photos (including the one on this website) show the manufacturers plate was still fitted, so am surprised that no one has reported the details on that.

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