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Paul Moseley

Paul Moseley

Lesmac Swift Trolley 99709 901020-6 noted at NR Bletchley depot on 17/11,is assumed to be LMS003...unless anyone knows different?

Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

It seems the Lesmac Euro numbers are a bit of a mess and they are clearly not allocated in order. They also don't seem to correspond to an official list I was sent (and posted to OTPgen a while ago.)

Lee reported the following at Eastcroft on 19.10.10 and checked plates

LMS002 901022-2

LMS004 901021-4

I don't think LMS003 has ever been properly checked but this looks most likely candidate...

The info on here has unfortunately not reflected this until today so Paul I have deleted your sighting of LMS003 at Torrent as 901021-4 is actually LMS004. I have also amended your photo to say LMS004 not LMS003! Confused?!

Lee Taylor

Lee Taylor

It is my understanding that LMS003 is indeed 901020-6

Paul Moseley

Paul Moseley

Thats fine Ben,my photo of 901021-4 at Lichfield Torrent is clearly LMS004

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