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Loram Derby 22/2/17

K W Sykes

K W Sykes

Does anyone have the number series for the 4 car Rail Grinder noted at Loram at 16.00 on 22/2/17. This the the second of the 2 as the first one was en route from Tuxford on this day.

Also new Tamper DR 73121 last noted on the Dean Forest railway does anyone know what it is doing there? and when it is likely to return to the network?

Any information much appreciated

thanks Keith

Jarrod Barker

Jarrod Barker

79401,79402,79403,79404. It was moved last night to Tuxford RIDC.

Vince avatar

Vince Website editor

Yes they're 79401-404 and appear on the website here:


Please remember to add your sightings to the website to help fellow enthusiasts.

Stephen Jillings

Stephen Jillings

Presume that was the 4 car LORAM grinder near high marnhan partly in the shed

as the Great Central Lament railtour passed on the 14/6/17 unfortunately didn't see the markings etc .

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