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LWRT intermediate wagons update

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Ben Williams Editor

Just looking at the list of these again today.

Copying in Stephen's list from the earlier photo comment of what he believes to be currently active:



090,091,101,102,103,104,105,106 and 107.

DB979124,125,126,128,129,129,130,131,132,133 and 134."

So a few queries:

979017 - no sightings since Eastleigh 2016 - do we assume gone?

979080, 979083, 979085 & 979100 are listed as stored at British Steel Scunthorpe - query whether 979083 listed above is now part of active fleet? Are the others just used within the BS site in internal use?

979114, 979122 & 979123 - last noted at York Klondyke in July 2017 - has this all been cleared now - these wagons gone?

979126 listed as active but no sightings here since Sep 2018

Likewise 979132 - no sightings here since 2016!

Any more info appreciated, thanks

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Just had a look on wagons forum - noted the following.

At April 2020 these were stored at Eastleigh C + W according to Tops


979080, 979083, 979085 & 979100 are listed as stored at British Steel Scunthorpe

Most recent sightings from Jan 2019 at Scunthorpe.

Can't find anything on the York ones since a 2015 tops list.

Hope that may help.


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Ben Williams Editor

Thanks Chris. I'll add a note to the three Eastleigh ones.

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Ben Williams Editor

I've been told that there was nothing left in Klondyke sidings at the beginning of this year so I think I will list those as scrapped for now and if they turn up then the record can be changed.

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

Those that were stored in Klondyke Yard in 2017 and for which no disposal is known were seemingly 'spirited' away in 2017. To where and whether they still exist remains a mystery. Probably they were scrapped but if so by whom and where remains a mystery.

The fleet of intermediate wagons listed is I believe correct. Those hidden away at Eastleigh and Scunthorpe are in reserve only a couple of those at Scunthorpe are never likely to be used again so I'm told.

However, it might be that a Clamping Wagon has been converted to an Intermediate wagon but not renumbered as it should have been. Also, a number are no longer used as LWRT wagons but instead for Stock Rail Carrying and have been modified for such use. This is presumably reflected by a revised Design and TOPS code.

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Alex Betteney

I'm sure I reported some movements/disposals of some LWRT wagons at the time - some went to the Nottingham Sleeper Co at Elkesley. I went one day and though no wagons could be seen, certainly a cab off one of the 'cabbed' type wagons was present. I'm also thinking some went to Ron Hulls?

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Ben Williams Editor

Yes most disposals to Nottingham were documented in May 2017 but then in July 2017 five were reported still there. There was a final sighting of one of these five in November 2017.

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