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New GBRf weedkilling train

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Ben Williams Editor

There was a trial of new weedkiller wagons this week. It operated from Derby to Kidderminster SVR on Wednesday 16th June.

"66771 and 66709 in top and tailed formation with the a new weedkiller set KFA VTG 95380 95379 95378 are working 6Z59 10:07 Derby R.T.C - Kidderminster SVR."

I'm not sure if they returned to Derby or now trialling on SVR.

There is a press article here from earlier this year

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

Interestingly, the wagons have also been given UIC numbers. 95378 also carries 99 70 9395 002-7. However, both 95379 and 95380 carry 99 70 9395 003-5. I suspect one of these should carry 9395 001..!

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

Further to the above comment, the UIC numbers have been corrected. 95379 now carries 99 70 9395 001-9.

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