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Martin Baumann

I am trying to establish what carried numbers 1 to 4 in the Northern Ireland Railways track machine series:

Irish Railfans' News for April 1968 mentions an "05 series Tamper delivered in December 1967" and that there "is also an AL203 lining machine" This means NIR must have had at least two AL203 as HC1 now at Downptrick was built in 1971.

Searching through Irish Railfans' news produced the following (It ceased publication 1973)

Plasser model 05 tamper works number 014 delivered to Belfast 13.12.1967

Plasser model AL203 lining machine. Year and works number unknown but present mid 1968

Plasser model AL204 lining machine works number 413 built 1970

Plasser model 06-16 ballast packer works number U2105 built 1970

In no case do they quote a fleet number.

Assuming the quoted works number for HC1 323/1971 is correct it cannot be the AL203 listed above

Can anyone confirm details of machines 1 to 4 (assuming the numbers were allocated) including works numbers if available?

(NIR had a Unilok A2500 works number 114 which might have been regarded as a track machine and given a number in the series but to the best of my knowledge it was unnumbered and no number is visible in the only photo known to me)

Thanks in advance for any info,

Martin Baumann

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Alex Betteney

The Unilok is classed as a R/R shunting loco and can be found at the RPSI Whitehead site.

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