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Hi all,

Does anyone know the weight of a plasser gp tramm?

The number is 98205


Ally Fleuchar

Ally Fleuchar

I found this on a Facebook page hope it helps

Cambrian Heritage Railway

Plasser & Theurer GP-TRAMM

Plasser & Theurer GP-TRAMM (General Purpose Track Repair and Maintenance Machine) no. DR98205

The Cambrian Diesel Group has acquired a 2-car rail maintenance vehicle from Network Rail at Shrewsbury. The unit is similar to a 'pacer' railcar, albeit built with 'freight' body,

GP-TRAMM (General Purpose - Track Repair and Maintenance Machine), one of twenty built for BR by Plasser & Theurer in Linz, Austria, in 1983-88 (Plaser's UK facility is in West Ealing). The main machine has an A suffix to its number, whilst the driving trailer has a B suffix. The Plasser works numbers for the two parts of 98205 are 52760A and 52760B respectively of 1985. Amongst its many uses are the ability to carry to and from site up to six 60ft lengths of rail, the ploughing of outer sleeper ends and ballast shoulders for the deposit of service rails and rail positioning. 98205 was later equipped with Geismar side loaders instead of a crane. In its latter years 98205 has been owned by Carillion Rail Plant and has been out of use for some time at Shrewsbury.


English Electric "Stephenson" class 0-6-0DH: Jana

Works Number D1201

Year built 1967

Weight 48 tons (in working order)

Power unit Cummins NT400 (14 litre, turbocharged), 350bhp at 2100rpm

Transmission Twin Disc CF11500 series converter and RF11 final drive gearbox

Train braking Single-pipe air with seperate "Hydrovane" compressor driven by a Perkins 4.108

Jana' was delivered new to Derek Crouch (Contractors) Ltd at Widdrington opencast site, and continued in use there into the 1990s. Unlike most Stephensons it was fitted with the Cummins 14 litre engine. Coming in to the possession of YEC along with several others, it was deployed on hire at the Ford Motor Company's plant at Bridgend, from where it was aquired by Andrew.

'Jana' was subsequently used extensively as a hire loco by RMS, and when returned to Andrew's collection, was in a much run-down condition was awaiting time for restoration, though run-able at a pinch.

On May 18th 2009 it was delivered to Blodwell for storage but during 2010 it was decided to exchange the locomotive for another machine with better long term prospects.

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Ally, your copied post is half about the 98205 and half about a small shunting locomotive (I have edited your post and put a dividing line in between the two