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Missing Railcare Wagons

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

Did anyone see 33 70 4746 197-1? It was last seen at Rail Live 2018, and there's been nothing since, this seems to be the same story with several other things (point carriers and a railvac last seen at InnoTrans or Rail Live a couple of years ago). The wagon doesn't seem to be on TOPS so I wonder if it was for use abroad and has now left this country?


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Vince Website editor

I've created a separate post for this to give it a bit more visibility

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

I suspect there is a connection between the former Jarvis Slinger Wagons that have in recent years been located at Telford / Cardiff and Railcare. Thus, repeating this posting here in case someone reading this post can help. One of these would appear to have left Derby in the last couple of weeks. How it and others got there, perhaps from one of or other of the Long Marston sites, Cardiff Canton, York or possibly elsewhere remains a mystery. What I know about them follows but not up to date:-

92502 - at Canton

92507 - renumbered 33 70 4746 115-3 - possibly at Long Marston

92509 - renumbered 99 70 9552 020-8 - in use on the national network

92510 - renumbered 33 70 4746 185-6 - now in Sweden

92512 - at Canton

92515 - at Canton

92517 - renumbered 33 70 4746 193-0 / 99 74 9215 008-8 - now in Sweden

92518 - renumbered 33 70 4746 197-1 -possibly at Long Marston

Probably at least one, if not more of those I list as Canton, have subsequently moved to Long Marston / Sweden or elsewhere.

Eyeball confirmations of current whereabouts would be appreciated. As various road movements have taken place TOPS is not to be relied on.

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

I have been shown a picture of 33 70 4746 197-1 in its latest configuration (see the comments for https://www.ontrackplant.com/otp/33704746197-1 ) taken at the recent iaf, Munster exhibition. Quite probably this left GB not long after it was displayed at Rail Live 2018.

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