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Readypower @ Blantyre New Aqusitions

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

Readypower Blantyre have recently taken delivery of the following pieces of New Kit

2 Liebherr A924 rail RRV's

RR925 940898-8 Approx. Oct 19

RR926 940900-2 Approx. Nov 19

New Predator 100 Trailers

5 New Predator 100 4mtr trailers Last week of Nov 2019

RRT 256 020185

RRT 258 020186 up to RRT261 020189

4 New Predators are to be Delivered During Week Beginning 16th Dec 2019

3 Old Machines but a new Type to Readypower

They have acquired, not leased, from Balfour Beatty The 3 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U400 With Access Platform Units

Mainly 978009-7, 979027-8 & 979028-6

These 3 have been on lease to various other companies over the past few years

Certainly 978009 & 979028 Have been on lease to Morgan Sindall, at Larkhall, for a good few months now.

They both have been on Readypower Blantyre depot since the 3rd week in November and was told that 979027 was to go or being with a Rail Plant Company to bring it up to ECC Standard

This is probably in line with the fact that Morgan Sindall, strong rumour, are withdrawing from the Rail Side of the Business in Scotland

Have been unable to update the details to site. So if some kind person could perform this action I would be grateful

That's all for now Folks

Jim (Your Scottish Correspondent (YSC))

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

To Clarify Only details requiring update for the Unimogs

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