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Swindon clear out

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Reported earlier - 76921 leading 11 vehicles from Swindon Transfer to Long Marston.

Unsure of which vehicles exactly but currently en route via Oxford and Honeybourne.

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I'm not sure if the original message suggested 76921 was leading another 11 vehicles (12 total) but I saw 76922 and 76923 this week doing a round trip from Swindon via Newbury. It may mean the other 12 went to LM but only time and other sightings will tell...

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76922 & 76923 as well as 98001,98007 (stored - still without wheels?) and 98010 were reported (on Trainlogger!) to be still at Swindon HOOB yesterday.

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Well they didn't spend long at LM. This has just been posted on GWG group:

DR 76911 YXA

DR 76912 KFA

DR 76913 YXA

DR 76914 YXA

DR 76915 YXA

DR 76916 KFA

DR 76917 KFA

DR 76918 YXA

DR 76919 KFA

DR 76920 YXA

DR 76921 YXA

6X81 10:30 Long Marston to Swindon Transfer via Oxford


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If anyone's out and about today with a camera, we still don't seem to have a photo of DR76920 on the website!.....

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