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Ben Williams Editor

So 11 rail movers have now arrived here including the previously missing 079035!

Full list

079005,6,7,8,10,21,22,23,24,25,35. 079025 was already stripped down inside workshop.

I was told the Elmec ones are all due to be scrapped next week.

Also of interest is that seven of the stored 4x4 trolleys and eight trailers from Nuneaton have also arrived here - which ties in with Roger's comment the other day.

Elmec has received Gator 975107 and several trailers from Scotland this week.

Ranger 976052 and Canter 978008 have also appeared at Chesterfield from Shettleston.

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Ben Williams Editor

Interesting to see recent sightings here.

079011,12, 26 and 36 new arrivals - some of these not seen for a long time. This just leaves 079009 unaccounted for I think but this is the heavily stripped example so I suggest this may now be gone...?

More 4x4s including some Bletchley ones that have also been missing for a while. Others from Preston.

901213 also new arrival at Elmec from York...

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