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TRAC Go "bam" Yet Again

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

TRAC Have gone to Holland again to purchase some more OTP

This time 2 SRS Volvo FL6 Lorries with MEWP Access Platforms

Only details at the moment are

SV401 BL - NV - 38

SV402 BR - FH - 19

With thanks to AM @ NR (Even for his Gloating about hearing about them 1st)

JS @ TRAC for the Details

M & S @ TRAC for facilitating such a quick Visit


Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

As the site has been a bit resistant to update that TRAC have indeed acquired 2 new machines. Some updates.

Was over at TRAC Today and was furbished with the following details

SV401 Volvo FL 618 4x2 BL-NV-38 99707-942163-5 YV2E4KBA018281973

SV402 Volvo FL 618 4x2 BR-FH-19 99709-942164-3 YV2E4CBA358386707

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