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Mick Daubney

Mick Daubney

I visited the depot at Frodingham on July 17th and noted a P&T tamper bearing the number TSB51022, does anyone have any info about this machine?

Peter Cummings

Peter Cummings

That number rings a bell. One of the old Grant Rail Beavers I think. Must be pics on here somewhere, of one or other of them, in one guise or another.

Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

I think someone else asked about this number recently too.

We have similar numbers but not this one as far as I can see (although I haven't looked back in old books)

TSB51020 - Scrapped

TSB51021 - Active

TPB51000 - Scrapped

TPB51001 - Frodingham

Candidates could be Beaver tampers 908008 or 908009 taking on the next number in the old series perhaps?

Do you have a photo of it to compare with those two?

Vince avatar

Vince Website editor

This doesn't help too much, but a "TSB51002" (typo/misread of 51022?) and "908009" were reported at Wakefield at the end of the June. I can't see the TSB number on the photo of 908009, so they may or may not be the same machine.

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