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It seems some former Fastline trolleys have ended up at this site in Buckinghamshire

99709 901024-8 (EGO5 5E/0008)

99709 901042-0 (ST/03/38)

99709 901033-9 (ST/01/05)

+2 more but no I'd's

Thanks to Chris for the post.

I'm wondering what the other two might be and whether they actually do have a plate but not a UIC number...? Or they might be trailers.

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I've not heard of this location before, but seems to be known in the departmentals section for a while.

A few photos from the above report appear here...

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Ben Williams Editor

Yes the two Sandite units from Selhurst moved there and also the Sandite coach 977364 and IU match wagon 083631 (also from Selhurst.) Not sure what the long term plan for them are but they were very quickly repainted green!

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Jonathan Flood

I remember reading in The Railway Magazine that the Finmere site like Buckinghamshire Railway Centre could both be affected by HS2. I am not sure whether this is still the case as obviously there has been some changes since the initial route was announced.

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