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Phil Scott

Phil Scott

Following the comment posted under the page for crane 95216 (which is often confused for the Ransome & Rapier army crane at Toddington) would it be worth adding the small number of Army steam/diesel cranes that have been preserved to the site? The precedent has already been set with 34358 and 34571 in the diesel cranes section.

As far as I know, the only additional steam/diesel cranes that would need adding are:

Steam crane 62006 - Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway

Diesel crane 63063 - East Somerset Railway

If anyone is interested, the other Ransome & Rapier army steam cranes (63008, 63013-016) were all scrapped, although 63014 was converted into a diesel crane at some point.

Tony Andrews avatar

Tony Andrews

Hi, i was allowed around the yard at Toddington and was able to to lift the tarpauling enough to reveal the number ADRR 95226 - this is the crane nearest the running line just behind the shed. The person who took me over to it said it might be scrapped but the boiler had a ticket, which he thought still had about 2 yrs left out of its 10yr life, so might be saved and used on another project.

Phil Scott

Phil Scott

I'm pretty sure the BR series stopped at 95225, so I would suggest that the number "95226" is fictional.

The crane at Toddington arrived in 1992 from Long Marston, where it was apparently the last steam crane to be operated outside of preservation.

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