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Dr David Livingston (JG me) Explores Blantyre

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

Whilst there Discovered that Readypower have set up a Depot there & have moved into Scotland for the 1st time .

Discovered 2 new units

FR 682 940880-6 Which has only been used on 1 shift

The next was RR 924 940887-1 Newly delivered (1 hr previously) from Leibherr.

In the yard were 2 x Aquarius Landovers


2 x Genie MEWPS

1 x RP Trailer

1 x T12 trailer

4 x Various Rail Trailers

Whilst there was told that STORY Maybe taking up a unit at the other end of the Road.

Not replacing but supplementing their East Coast Depot

Will list but will take time as computer acting up so only using mobile

Will advise on that if permanent or Transient

Anyway 1RRV PLUS 7 Trailers

Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

Durham area work site

1 or both of Readypower new Doosan will be on this weekend. Go get them